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Hey Bobbi!! My name is Haylee and I’m with Shields of Strength, @shieldsofstrength on IG. We make jewelry with scripture on it. Fitness pieces and regular jewelry pieces. I would love to send you some to wear and post and also hand out to others you meet to witness to. We love your page, your family and your love for our Lord and fitness. I would love to hear back from you. Have a wonderfully blessed day.

Haylee Hartje

I’ve visited your site  and found that your site’s themes are related with ours. Therefore, we’d like to place a 3-month 125*125 banner ad (Do Follow) or Text Ad(Do Follow) on your site. And a sponsored post is also available. I don’t want CPM or CPC. Would you please quote me your price?
(If you don’t do 125 x 125 banner ad, we can also go with other size and type. Also, if you have other site that allow Ads, you can tell me) Looking forward to your KINDLY reply!

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