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I struggle with time and feel the need to “do more…and more…and more.” I love how you wrote this out. There are pleasures in the simple things in life and it sounds as if you are embracing those. For that, we should say, congratulations and “You Go Girl.”

Yes, I agree! The society we live in (even Christian circles!) prides itself on busyness, productivity and accomplishments. But so much of what is truly important for a mom to be doing can’t be seen or measured by anyone except God. I have 2 daughters (3 and 1) and have found that when I let God determine my priorities and slooooowww down like you said, I am more fulfilled than when I run around chasing my own agenda. It is hard to see so many good things, things I would like to do, go undone but you’re right – it’s a season. There will be days ahead to get more done.

I feel very much like I have been in a weird space of insanely grateful for exactly how things are and yet looking for how to keep pushing, moving forward…I think some of it is the nature of being in the business of social media where we are just so connected.

love and adore this post.

Thank you so much for this post! I’m a mom of a 4.5 yr old and run my own real estate business and reading your post made me realize how much I feel like I “should” want to grow my business, but the reality is I’m grateful to work when it is presented to me, but I am equally happy having my number 1 priority being my son.

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