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I love this so much! I went off the Pill a year ago (March 2012), got pregnant in May and miscarried in June. Since then I’ve had an abnormal cycle and went to a couple doctors (a gyn and my primary care) with mixed outcomes. I’m not ready to dive into fertility treatments and am not sure I’ll ever be. There are so many kids that need to be loved, if I can’t have one (without too many interventions), Hubby and I are more than happy to adopt!

Thank you for sharing your story. I’m looking forward to reading your journey with adoption.

HUGE congratulations to you and Matt. You two will be wonderful parents! God bless!

I am so enjoying the beginning of ya’lls story. I can not wait for the middle and the happily every after. God is preparing the child you are to have. He will always bless you. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us.

I’m excited for you. I know adoption can be a difficult process, but I also know the Lord will give you strength and grace.

That is so exciting! Can’t wait to hear more.

i can’t wait to follow this new journey for you. so exciting!

This is such an inspiration!!!!! Congrats to both you and your husband.

Good luck Bobbi!! xoxo

Thank you for sharing this experience with us! I am so excited for you to start your family!

I am truly so over the moon for you and cannot wait to talk at blend!!! I have always said that adoption was my first choice and boy am I lucky after all that’s happened that I feel that way. We aren’t there yet and I don’t know when, but I just know that so many wonderful little one’s need awesome parents like you 🙂

So excited for you! I was blessed with 3 beautiful children. In my heart I always knew if I was not blessed with having children, I would adopt. There are so many children who need love! Congrats!!!

just wanted to say congrats, girl. i know EXACTLY what you mean about seeing people get pregnant on accident. so hard and emotional but i’m so happy for you and your hubby!!

Hey Bobbi!! Just want to let you know I am so excited for y’all! I will be praying for you and Matt through this process! Thank you for sharing your story!! Miss you!! <3

I am a fairly newer reader to your blog, and I must say, that I love that you have chosen to share your story of starting a family with us. While we love hearing all about health and fitness, its wonderful to get to know you more intimately. It’s amazing to hear about your trust in the Lord in the process, because I went through becoming a mother on the other side of the coin, becoming pregnant without planning it, and it’s amazing to see how God’s plan unfolds, and his timing is perfect. I am tearing up as I write this and not sure why 🙂 maybe tears of joy, because this motherhood thing is awesome, however God plans for us to become mommies!

This must be so exciting for you! I am just wanting to live your life right now 😉 I am so excited, and I know that the Lord will guide you through this process! Your family already seems wonderful and adding a sweet child to the family will be even more wonderful!

Are you planning to adopt a baby or child?

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