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Another great column, Bobbi. Keep up the good work – you’re an inspiration!

Hi Heather, I also love to eat like you but once I saw a girl having a fit body then I realize to have some exercise go lose weight. You had an inspiring story, It’s good that you have motivation in life. It’s great 🙂

Congratulations on all that you’ve achieved!!! You’re incredibly inspiring to so many!

Way to go! I am currently on my weight loss journey and I can not believe it is has taken me two years to get me to where I want to be. Slow and steady wins the race!

Great job Heather! Keep up the hard work. It is definitely a daily struggle!

Such an inspiring read! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for sharing your journey! Love how you kept a pair of jeans so you can compare against yourself. Great visual reminder on how far you have come!

What a great inspiring story. I wish I was going to RS TN with you all. Heather so proud of you .. Love ya girl!

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