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Love the jogging strollers! I can’t imagine not having ours. You probably already know this, but as it came as a surprise to me, I thought I’d mention it: it’s not recommended to jog with babies until they can hold their heads up and sit up on their own. It has to due with the neck strength and their ability to be easily injured from any shaking in the stroller.

Congrats on your sweet girl!

I am so happy for you guys! !!! I haven’t looked at your blog in probably 6 months, I just had my baby 4 months ago. I have been following you for years. Babies are the best!
How is jogging with her? Are you able to do long runs? We just did a thanksgiving 5k. I get nervous to go any longer with him.

I’m glad I’ve come across your blog. We’re expecting our first in early February. There is a really great deal on the Rock N Play at Target right now where I could get it for $36. I’m wondering if I should pick it up in case we don’t end up with the Pack N Play we registered for.

And it turns out we’re neighbors. (I’m about 20 minutes west of Redlands).

P.S. Your daughter is adorable.

ohhh my.. she’s so cute and adorable.. Wishing you all the best, good health always to your whole family. #kangaArticles

DEFINITELY the ergo!! I love it.

GumDrop paci’s were the ones our hospital used to give out (they only use them for surgeries now, they don’t send them home with you) so that’s what we bought, and B has loved them. We tried another brand but he hated it!

I *need* to know where you found the little organizers for the onesies? That is a great idea!

Once my daughter was able to break free from the swaddle the miracle blanket saved us, then the best invention ever…the magic Merlin sleep suit. She slept in it like a dream until she was nearly 7 months old!
I love the pictures, you are such an adorable family!

We adore our BOB stroller! We camp a lot and it has survived many hikes. We, also, have a daughter with Spina Bifida and we use it for her when she’s too tired to walk. She can walk for short distances but nothing long. We know that the stroller won’t work great for forever and eventually we’ll need a wheelchair for her for long distances but until then we appreciate that the BOB can fit a 32lb 6.5 yr old (yeah, she’s uber tiny).

I have a 5 week old and we LOVE zippered pjs. They are so much easier when changing a squirmy baby at 2 am.

Too bad there was not an option to pin this post so I can remember it when the time comes! Great info!

She is growing so fast!!!

I totally agree with you on the sleepsacks, the Rock n Play, the swing, and the coffee! We have a Baby Bjorn instead of an Ergo, but for our next, I might look into one. The only thing I don’t like about the Bjorn is that it doesn’t have the waist support, but the Ergo does. We didn’t get professional newborn pics – we waited until 3 months, but I agree that they are so worth it! Hubby doesn’t *completely* agree so we’re waiting until a year to get more done. Rylee is such a doll!

LOVE this! I have pretty much all the same stuff ready for Miss Peyton (still have to order my Ergo but I have a ring sling that I bought on Etsy to baby wear at the beginning)… Also love the muffin tip! I’ve been freezing meals but haven’t done any breakfast items – great idea! 🙂

love this and am totally book marking! thanks for sharing! 🙂 🙂 xo

Wow love this!! I don’t have kids yet but so much good information for one day when I finally do! I have heard great things about the BOB revolution jogging stroller – it will be a MUST have on my list one day!

You are a lifesaver!! I think this post was meant for me today. xoxo Can’t wait to chat Friday my friend!

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