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We give below a few tips for men to achieve this goal.
Are you a woman who is interested in losing weight. Again it can be found in liver, red meat, milk and

Can’t wait to bump it up a notch with you all!!!

I just found your blog through Amanda (obvs! because she posted about the detox) and I am looking forward to giving it a try. I am already vegetarian and did a 12 week vegan experiment that was really challenging! I feel like giving up sugar is a completely different ball game! Looking forward to it!

I really want to do this but I’m running my first ultra (a 50 km) on August 10 and I feel like it might not be the best thing to do the week leading up to it. But I could start the week after. Would it work OK to follow the program but just start it a week late and also go an extra week?

I am the biggest sugar addict in the world, totally rules my life it sucks! I have tried and failed a million times at giving it up. I signed up for this detox and praying this time will be different πŸ™‚ Will you be emailing with more info or how will we bet getting info?

I recently discovered your blog and really enjoy reading it! This cleanse is a great idea but the one item that sticks out to me is corn… not that I can’t live without it, but I am wondering why it’s part of a cleanse? I’ve just never read anything about that before (and at this time of year fresh corn is SO delicious…) Thanks!

I’m curious why whey protein is on the list of no-nos. Suggestions as to what will replace my after workout protein shake, if I join the detox group.

pea protein! SO much better for us than whey or soy proteins. is what I use, but SunWarrior also has a wonderful product!!! Stick with it!

I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I’ve really enjoyed it, thanks for being so inspiring!

I’m super interested in your detox, it sounds challenging but amazing. When you (or people in general) say no sugar, does that just refer to processed sugar, or are “natural” sugars (like honey? stevia?) off-limits too?

I am curious to hear about the other types of sweeteners, too!

I’m thinking naturally occurring sugars are fine since fruit is on the okay list. And Stevia is a plant so that’s fine, I *think*. Honey you want to find local and pure. i *think*.

I would LOVE to do this, but it’s smack dab in the middle of fall marathon training. I 100% agree with Aria; it would be awesome if you could do this again as a pre-Holiday detox in early November. Would get all of us girls on the right track with lots of motivation going into the holiday season. And, selfishly, I think this is what my body will need post marathon training πŸ™‚ Gotta mix things up a bit!

I ate the very cleanest when I was marathon training! Towards the end, during taper, I purposefully put on 3 pounds, still by eating clean and allowing one cheat meal a week. I do agree though that pre-holiday would also be good time, as would post holiday… No time like the present too!

Sounds great!!!

Loveeee this idea but I’m on vacation smack in the middle of it and I know I won’t enjoy being limited on vacation. Maybe you can do another one of these in the fall or winter?? I’d love to try it!! πŸ™‚

What a great idea!! I have tried to give up sugar many times but always seem to fail – maybe this is what I need to finally do it for real!

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