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Adorable name! And love the meaning behind it! I can tell she is already a brave girl! 🙂

Oh my goodness Rylee Joy is absolutely beautiful – she makes my face super smiley 🙂
I adore the name you chose and the reason behind it too is so well suited to not only her but you guys as a new family.
I am so happy for you all and I know you are going to make amazing parents and be a wonderful family together cannot wait to hear all about your journey.

Rylee is actually one of my absolute favorite girl names – it’s beautiful and I love that you paired it with Joy!

awww– love her name. thank you for sharing with us!

The first picture is super cute! She looks like a taco! 😛

love her name!!! love the story behind the name!!! love you guys

Love that God has answered your family’s prayers, and brought you a precious little one! To God be the Glory

So beautiful!! I absolutely love her name even more than I did before! <3

Beautiful name, beautiful meaning behind the name, love it all!

I love how fitting the meaning of her name is!


love it! My parents always were super keen on the meaning of our names– they even changed my sister’s name when she was 3 days old because they found the name they had picked meant ‘bitter burden’!

I love this! I can’t imagine having to pick a name in one night, but you picked such a beautiful and amazing name! I love names that have a lot of meaning behind it and you sure hit the nail on the head with this one! Enjoy every minute with Miss. Rylee Joy 🙂

I named my son Riley for the same reason… VALIANT (meaning BRAVE) & COURAGEOUS! I also liked at the time, the name was not very common. He was born in 1991. He has many nicknames as well…Rye, Rye Rye, RC! I love names with meaning!

I absolutely love how you came up with her name! “Choose Joy” is a fantastic mantra and I love the meaning behind “Rylee”! Names with meaning and purpose are the best – congratulations on your blessing!

What a beautiful name for such a beautiful little girl 🙂 Great choice!

Such a beautiful story behind her name! Love it!

I love her name! I really love how you guys came up with it, and went for something with meanings!

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