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I hope you’re feeling better soon! Sometimes it’s good to just let the body rest, and don’t worry she won’t remember the few days mommy was a little under the weather!

I love to see restored relationships and people set free, full of joy!

I love my newborn son! He’s currently cooing under his play gym.

I love getting away with my husband! Every year we go away for a night or 2 for his birthday and it is the best thing for us and our relationship.

I want this cereal it looks yummy. Also yay for coffee

I love my family!

I love girl’s trips (going on one this weekend)! Yay!

Glad you’re feeling better- I appreciate your honesty and truth! Can’t wait to hear more about the Princess Half- cute shirts!

yayyyyyy for travel!

I know we chatted before about partnering up for a program! let me know if you wanna Skype/FaceTime and plan something still

Love you

I love my mom she has done so much for me!

I love my LORD and my crazy, hilarious, loving family. 🙂

I love the feeling after a run – no matter the distance.

Love my life!!

my husband and boys are the best! love them so much 🙂

My little girl just turned one and I love her with all my heart!!

I have been loving spin class recently! Soo much fun!

I love quiet, calm, early mornings

i love my family!

I love my DH!

I love my cat Desiree.

Love my husband and kids to pieces!

I LOVE my daughter and we both LOVE cereal! We’d love to try the Love O’s, none of those retailers are near us though =(

I love my husband and can’t imagine life without him! He’s amazing!!

I love my husband!!! Love grows with time, for sure!!

Got it now 😉 Someone I love is my MOM!

I love you!! 🙂

I love my sister- an instant best friend!!!

Ohh I love my hubby! It’ll be our first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple!

Ok – working now. I love my little girl! At 5 years old, I’m finding more to love and appreciate about her every day. You’ll find – each age, each stage is fun in its own way, and I think it just gets better and better!

my parents of course!

Right now I am loving unexpected quiet moments! A few last minute cancellations of meetings this week gave me a few extra moments of peace and I couldn’t have needed it more. God knew and He provided. Love that.

I love my husband and kitty!

I love my family and would be lost without them 🙂

The giveaway isn’t working 🙁

I’ve wanted to try this cereal but I don’t think they sell it near me – I can’t find it in any stores here. I would love to enter this giveaway but the entry form doesn’t seem to be working.

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