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I got my Soul Shred journal yesterday and am excited to get started! I also can’t wait to see the new Refresh Attire designs!

Praying with friends through difficult times is REALLY hard. In my flesh I want to “do something”, as if I have any real control or power. My flesh tells me that praying isn’t doing something, when the Spirit reminds me it’s the best thing I could possibly do.

Another baby?!?!? I can barely handle RJ’s cuteness ;-)! You three are going to love Hawaii – whichever island you visit.

I’m doing “okay”. I am really looking forward to the Soul Shred. That’s why I visited the blog this morning. In hopes that I’d read a “paper journals have been mailed” message :-). I’m super excited to see what God does with and through this Shred!!!

First off, I love the cover photo! So cute!

Second, my sister-in-law told me about the Pipehitter program. I’m going to look into that one once I finish my current fitness program.

haha oops, forgot to include my link, lol.

Are you guys coming to Oahu? We live on the North Shore — it’s nice to do a rental house and hang by the beach! Waikiki gets to be so crazy! Enjoy!

That’s exciting about adopting and Hawaii!!! I’m looking forward to spring as well!

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