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Have you stopped your strength training due to races? Just curious how bad it is to take like two weeks off from weights.., advice?

Taylor! I did TRX twice a week, but I didn’t lift super heavy. I started lifting again this week and I didn’t feel like I was that out of shape, actually felt refreshed!

I’m a little bit jealous you’re in boots and sweaters! If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m over the rain in the Caribbean. Is that crazy;)

You are one busy lady! I have always wanted to do a Disney race as well, but I live in Texas so that is quite the treck! That is so cool that you go to do one right on the spot!

Happy to hear that you are well and are having so many fun adventures! I am not sure I would be as spontaneous as you and run a race after a long day, I’m impressed! You must have been running on some good adrenaline 🙂

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