Hubby’s Surprise Birthday Party

by Bobbi from nhershoes on March 22, 2010

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It has been such a busy weekend here in the McCormick household!! I am sorry I haven’t filled you all in and I am sure you have been dying to see pictures 😉

Friday night Hubby and I got all dressed up to go out to dinner with my parents with my parents, well that’s what he thought we were doing.

Little did he know my parent’s house was filled with family and friends ready to have a party!!

He was so SHOCKED!!

Matt's 30th Birthday 002 Matt's 30th Birthday 004

I hired a live band to play for the party. When we walked in the band started playing, “Today is your birthday, were gonna have a good time" it was PERFECT! 

Matt's 30th Birthday 006

The Band


Theme of the evening was “Casino Royal”. I had everyone dress up and the whole placed decked out Vegas style.


I had a candy bar that had all of Hubby’s favorite treats.


Everyone loved filling up their mouths  bags!!


Because Hubby loves Italian food I made spaghetti and meatballs 😉 I had whole wheat pasta and turkey meat balls for health conscious people like me.



My Mom ordered a party pizza that was as big as the TABLE!

Matt's 30th Birthday 030

My plate


Here is the bar, which I had one glass of wine from. I had an early boot camp in the morning so I made sure to drink lots of waters and make sure to eat well. IT WAS NOT EASY!


Shortly after the party started the Magician showed up ;) 


He was so fun and did some great tricks!


The crowd loved him!

IMG_7930 IMG_7931
IMG_7932 IMG_7928





So here is where I get the #1 wife award, guess who I invited to the party????  Hubby’s best friend Josh from Memphis!!! The magician helped me out and made him appear 😉


His friend Ed came too who is from Memphis, but lives in CA.


My Mom helped me so much, she was my partner in crime.



Matt's 30th Birthday 029


Matt's 30th Birthday 032

I made Hubby and my Step Dad Rich funfetti cakes in the shape of four leaf clovers. Sad I didn’t get a close up picture :( 

Matt's 30th Birthday 040


Matt's 30th Birthday 042


Matt's 30th Birthday 061

The Boys being Boys

Matt's 30th Birthday 063 

Hubby had such a great time as did I!! I love this man.

Matt's 30th Birthday 031 

Ok friends I have to get to bed it’s almost midnight and I still have so much to share with you! I will have to finish in the morning!!


P.S. The boys are all playing Rock Band in the living room, this might be a long night 😉

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