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I love your weekly meal plan – I think I’ll do something like that for us. I’ve been really struggling lately to think of ideas for dinner and that seems simple, yet helpful.

I love it! I talk to myself a lot too. 🙂 If only I had a little one to listen! hahaha

I always wanted to be on a cooking show too…I’ve been known to talk to myself but there’s no audience. 😉

i love the ti’s brown rice and quinoa pasta!

I love how happy RJ is in all those pics! What a great kid 😉 Sounds like you are having lots of fun!

SHE IS ALWAYS SMILING AND I LOVE IT! Just like her Mama 🙂 SHE IS FULL OF JOY <3 i love it 🙂 i love your whole fam and hope to hangout with you again some day soon – i miss you like crazy!

i'm loving your hair, too!

I am loving my new ‘do that I got last night…I went back blonde too, but I also chopped it off!

Sunny and 70 seems like a dream! RJ is such a dollbaby!!

Your sweet little angel! She just gets me smiling with every picture! Such a beautiful family Bobbi! I am eating some toasted Dave Killer Bread as I type–The. Best. Bread. Ever even my kids love it.

Good Morning from Hawaii Bobbi! I am loving these things too! I know we have never met but you truly inspire me. Everything about you. I want to start running a little more distance but I cant get myself to go more than a few miles. I think it will happen eventually. And I love seeing RJ every day. She truly is a Joy. Looking forward to your weekend pics! Have a fantastic day!

Love love love your hair! I really want to go lighter when summer comes – HOPEFULLY I will have some extra money to do it by then.

I love the fitness book idea! I think that will be my husband’s bday gift this year=) He has a weight lifting book from the 80s, no joke! Arnold Schwarzenegger is featured in it. LOL! I think it’s time for an update, so thank you for sharing!

So much goodness!! 🙂 Love the sassy hair!

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