11 mile Run+25mile Bike Ride+Beach=One Amazing Day!


After my 11 mile run yesterday, Carly and I hit the road to set out for a 25 mile bike ride down to the beach. We had a few hiccups along the way, but we finally made it to the bike path. Before we set out for our journey I had this wonderful Clif Bar, one my favorites.


Carly and her wonderful road bike, I SO WANT one of these. Her bike is so light and is such a smooth ride. I really need to get one of these, it makes a world of a difference.


The first 11 miles were so nice, an easy flat road with just a couple hills here and there. We look so tough in this picture!


The last 12+ miles were much harder, we were going against the wind and it felt like I was fighting to keep moving. My legs were not too bad but I was STARVING!!! I should have brought another bar for the ride, I thought I would be fine but I was wrong because my energy level  plummeted! But we made it, the bike path took us right to the BEACH!


We found our friends and settled in. I was ready for some food and relaxation, and believe me I got some!


Yep, this is what I did for the majority of the day.


I know I should have been drinking lot’s of water, which I did, but I also enjoyed 2 of these Diet Cherry Cokes. I normally don’t drink soda but it sounded refreshing!


D and her cousin Cassie.


One thing that always happens at the beach is SNACKING!!! So in order not to graze on unhealthy snacks, I brought a bucket load of healthy ones. 


But I did try these new Goldfish, AMAZING, wow these are lethal I could have kept eating the entire box!!!  I controlled myself with just a couple small handfuls, enjoying every bight! They are FLAVOR BLASTED for sure!


I also had quite a few of these delicious TJ’s Whole Wheat Honey Pretzels.


Hubby and I enjoying the day together, no work just play! 


Around 6pm, James(AKA Grill Master) started up the fire pit.


There was a lovely spread of sides and toppings for the hamburgers and hotdogs.


I went all out, I only eat James’ burgers! I don’t know what he makes them with, but they are soooo good. I think the last time I had red meat was when Hubby and I had dinner with D and James. I loaded my burger with all the toppings. I also had some cherries, and a spicy pasta salad. Everything was wonderful!


Of course after dinner we had to have dessert, there is nothing like roasting mellow’s on the fire! 


D, was really hoping to win the ticket to the Rascal Flatt’s concert in the Hershey’s bag, no luck:(


But instead she won a free television! This was really funny, D and Hubby James were pretending that he was a television with bunny ears and all!!! 


The birthday girl, Erin, got to roast her mellow first! 


We all sang happy birthday to Erin, and she even got a candle stuck into her s’more! Happy Birthday Erin!!!


D even got a group of random girls that ere sitting next to us to come join in on the birthday singing, and they sang for Erin too!!

I love making s’mores!!! I tried to make it as gooey and melted as possible, I love how messy they are, it makes it more fun to eat!!


What a fun and ACTIVE day!!! I didn’t end up swimming too much, so I guess I did a duathlon?! I love the beach and I wish I lived closer, but I am happy to live close enough to go for the day!

I have a lot to do this morning, we are having a Memorial BBQ at our house today at 3pm!! So cleaning and cooking here I come!!!



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