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Congrats! This recap was very inspiring. Makes me PUMPED to train for another race.

Hey that’s me with the “Run Bitch” sign! I like it when people insult me when I’m running (seriously!) so I thought I’d pay it forward to other racers who are of the same mindset. Congrats on a great race!

I’ve never seen anyone smile so wonderfully in their marathon photos. Love it! Great recap. Great job Bobbi!

Congratulations on a GREAT race! You are so inspiring! 🙂

Congratulations!! love that recap, it makes me want to run another one now!
I went to read your other recaps, is there one missing? there’s only 8 in the races section.

What a great recap! having “cheerleaders” along the cours is always suck a boost!

I just love your enthusiasm! Congrats on finishing your tenth marathon 🙂

Oops. Meant to comment on this post instead! I’m craving pizza now. I’d drive all the way to Phoenix for more!

thanks for the recommendation friend!!!

This is so awesome and so beautiful! Thanks for capturing a bit of it for us 🙂

Congrats on a great race!!!!!!!!! Your recap made me want to run a marathon!!

Congrats! THe Rock&Roll AZ was my first full last year. I ran a 3:41:15- so good time:) It seemed like I waited and waited to finally see the stadium. The mountain the last few miles is such a tease. Congrats again!

Great recap! I love reading others’ race stories and that was a good one! QUESTION: did you run holding your phone (or sticking it in your bra strap) the entire time? Or did you have a belt under your tank? Where was your music? I’m always interested in how other runners set themselves up. I always feel like I have a million things going on.

I completely LOVED reading this recap. I haven’t experienced it often, but when you get this “this is easy” feeling while running it is the most awesome thing – congratulations!

This made me cry all over again!! I love you and Ryles. Also, I was laughing that morning because I was trying to space out my texts so they didn’t go at exactly the same time — I was pacing myself too! lol

Congratulations on such an awesome marathon, girl!! Way to go!

I don’t think I have ever smiled that much during a marathon. You did awesome! I really hope I am as fast as you one of these days 🙂 GREAT JOB!!!

Congrats on an amazing race! Reading your recap literally gave me chills. I can’t wait until I’m injury free and able to run another marathon. It’s the hardest, yet most humbling experience ever.

you ROCK love! i am so proud of you xoxoxoxo you bring so much joy into my life

You look so fantastically happy!!! And cute! Almost as cute as your little girl. 😉
We’ve never even met, but I’m so happy for you, lol — congrats!

You look so happy in each race photo! Congratulations on another fabulous marathon! 🙂

Awww what a great story!! Honestly I was tearing up as I was reading your post.
What a feeling that must have been …Congrats!!
You’re an amazing women….And that sweet RJ.. Oh my what a doll!!

What an inspiration! Congratulations on no. 10. How do you take such great race photos? Seriously? And RJ makes the cutest little faces. I can’t take it 🙂

You look so happy throughout the race, which is the sign of a FUN race and with an amazing time too. Congratulations on #10!!

i seriously always think you are the most photogenic in race photos !

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