I am Certified Personal Trainer through NESTA, and am a Certified GPP Trainer. I am an avid runner and teach kickboxing.  I enjoy cycling, swimming, and  the beach. I love helping people discover that they can be tougher, stronger and faster than they ever imagined. I believe strongly that high intensity circuit training  is a phenomenal way to not only get fit and healthy!

My goal: (adapted from GPP)

To help you achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH.  Optimal Health encompasses all objectives of healthy living.  These may range from: having more energy, to losing weight, to becoming fit, to participating in sport, to conquering disease.  Our definition of Health is truly groundbreaking in this industry.  Every ounce of our programming intended for its achievement.  

Optimal Health is only acquired by gaining perfect balance of the six aspects of health.  These are:

Mental Health
Emotional Health 
Social Health
Spiritual Health 
Financial Health  
Physical Health

To be healthy, truly healthy, you must strive for balance within these.  Too much, or too little of any one, or of several combinations of these aspects will leave you miserable and wanting.  In other words, chasing perfection in fitness (or any of the other aspects of health) generally takes from other aspects.  This leaves you unhealthy over-all.  Some of the least healthy people we know have perfect six-packs and incredible work capacity.  Yet, their work lives, home lives, and spiritual lives suffer greatly.  By the same regards.  One who does not have adequate fitness cannot be healthy either.  Remember – BALANCE.  

If you are ready to take the next step into becoming stronger and more fit than you have ever been so you can BE the BEST YOU, please contact me and we can get started right away at I offer individual and group packages as well as virtual personal training services.

Rates for Private Sessions:

  • 12 or more (30-40 minute) session packages: $480 ($40 per session)—->


Rates For Small Classes (2-4 people):

  • One Month: Three Times a Week (30-40 minute session): $140.00 per person—->
  • One Month: Two Times a Week (30-40 minute session): $100-—->    
Virtual Training:

I now offer 4 week online personal training programs and I train people like you all over the world. The cost is $100 per 4 week program for one person or $150  for a couple. This includes an introductory 30-minute phone call for me to assess your fitness level, set goals, begin talking about nutrition, and answer any questions.

All the workouts are different so you will experience muscle confusion not boredom. The only equipment you will need to purchase during the first 4 week program is a jump rope and a set of dumbbells (women 8-20lbs and men 15-35lbs.)
In essence you are hiring a personal trainer and I will be available to you during the week via email or text for any questions or concerns you may have. If you would like to schedule additional phone calls during the 4-week training the cost is $20 per 15 minutes.
I’m excited to start this journey with you and I will be here every step of the way to encourage you, hold you accountable, and spur you on to meet your goals. Email me today at  to start your training and set up your initial phone call!
4 Weeks Virtual Training—-> 
4 Weeks Couple Virtual Training—>