Here’s our first child… Bosco!

We adopted Bosco in 2007 just two months after Hubs and I were married. He has been the BEST dog we could have ever asked for. We got him from a local pound and they weren’t exactly sure what breed he was, but told us he was probably half Dachshund and half Terrier. Poor thing was dropped in someone’s backyard.

We both knew that he was the cutest dog we had ever laid eyes on and we wanted to give him a great home! I can’t believe how small and adorable he was.

He always loved to sleep in the most awkward positions… must be those giant kangaroo legs of his!

So why the name Bosco? Well, Hubby and I had our very first date in Memphis at a place called Bosco’s Restaurant & Brewing and what better masculine name with a special place in our hearts could we of come up with other than Bosco???

We love Bosco and try to take him on as many adventures as possible! He is a pro at camping and looking sharp for the camera! I swear, he is half human!!!