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I’m on spring break right now! This is my first spring break not working, so it’s strange. I’ve been catching up on cleaning and having lunch dates with some friends. I’m a pretty boring spring breaker 🙂

I don’t get an official spring break, but the hubby and I did take one day off of work to have a special day with our son. We had our “24 Hour Spring Break” and drove the 2 hours north to Duluth, MN to stay overnight in a hotel, do some sightseeing and eat at one of our favorite dessert stops.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and have a “48 Hour Spring Break” next year 😉

I did not know you had a little one!!! She’s absolutely adorable! And you look great! I’m going to need some tips after this!

I love your list (which is manageable) to do while you’re on staycation!

Have a blast ☺️

Your girl in that swimsuit….it’s just too much cuteness for one photo!

Babies at the beach are just the cutest! I don’t have a spring break, but we host and lead (and feed!) our small group each week so I get a break from that. And as you know, hosting with a little one becomes more challenging. Cleaning, much less cooking is a feat! So I get a break from that and will chill out in a not ready for company house! 😉

No spring break here – we just got hit with a snow storm yesterday 🙁 I did enjoy two short runs outside early this week!

RJ is adorbs! I definitely do NOT get a Spring Break, but I am counting down the days until my honeymoon to Maui in October!!

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