Summer Shred 2016

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Summer Shred 2016

Big News!

The Summer Shred 2016 is HERE!!!

These past four years have been amazing! The incredible stories of transformation have been overwhelmingly joyous to my soul! It’s those changed lifestyles and rejuvenation of a new walk that keeps me wanting to serve you guys!


Here is just one amazing transformation story of how the Summer Shred wasn’t just a diet plan, but a true lifestyle change!

4b5f265c-3057-419f-9d5e-1e751206deb9“One year ago I moved from California to Chicago and didn’t love my body. There was so much change on the horizon that I decided to take the time to look in the mirror and DO SOMETHING about what I didn’t like. Just as I moved across the country @nhershoes had her Summer Shred. That was how it started. I learned to eat cleaner, workout and got rid of my car before the big move. I now walk about 4 miles each night I work and almost the same on my days off!… Today I head back to the gym for a membership to get myself back in the workout habit. But the clean eating is something I’ve been able to fall in love with. I feel less sluggish and gross with less processed foods. Also, I — love my new body! I’ve lost SIXTY POUNDS and gained self-confidence, self-love and self-esteem.”


First and as always, you are going to get some killer H.I.I.T. workouts for 4 awesome weeks together. Every week will be completely new workouts! 

Second, you are going to love all of the great Meal GuidesTraining Guides, Workout Videos and, yes, a Running Plan! We’ve heard from you that some documents have been unused or not used to the fullest, so we have made small changes like providing Meal Ideas, a Meal Planning Guide and other practical applications of your resources.

Next, we are going to incorporate that optional Running Plan into this Shred specifically for those who want to challenge yourself above and beyond the workouts. And we will still have our special Facebook group for everyone to share ideas, keep accountability and ask questions!

We are also doing a Summer Shred: Next Step that will follow the Summer Shred and be another 4 weeks of new Workouts, Meal Plans, etc. specially made to continue what you have already been doing the previous 4 weeks… And with the help of my awesome team who helps me put these incredible shreds together, we decided to offer a SUMMER SHRED PACKAGE DEAL.



Sign up for the Summer Shred (CLICK HERE) by Friday, May 13th for $40.

Sign up for the Summer Shred Package (CLICK HERE) by Friday, May 13th and receive both our Summer Shred and Summer Shred: Next Step programs at the Summer Shred Package price of $75. That’s 8 incredible weeks!!!


Deadline to sign-up for the Summer Shred – Friday, May 13th
Welcome Packet to be Emailed – Saturday, May 14th
First day of the Summer Shred – Sunday, May 15th
First day of the Summer Shred: Next Step – Sunday, June 12th


– A Facebook account is highly recommended (but not mandatory) so you can access the private NHS Summer Shred Group. However, everything will be posted & emailed weekly

– Some exercise equipment should will need: Dumbbells (and/or Kettlebells), Stability Ball, Jump Rope, Timer (TABATA Timer is a plus), and some kind of Bench, Chair, Box Jump and/or Step-Up.

You will receive a WELCOME PACKET via E-MAIL on Saturday, May 14th with the link to join the Facebook Group

– If your PayPal account has an e-mail address that you DO NOT access often and/or is not an email that is associated with your Facebook account, PLEASE WRITE your email address you want us to use in the NOTES portion of your Paypal registration.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at

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Grace Upon Grace

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Helllloooo FRIENDS!!!!!

I feel like I was MIA for the month of March. It has been a fun and crazy season of travel and potty training over here. In my last post I told you we potty trained RJ with the three day method, well we WERE WRONG!!!!! I mean ya, RJ is definitely going on the potty more, but not all the time and there have been way more accidents than I would have loved to see. But so thankful for GRACE and great friends. I had a friend send me the sweetest text:

” I just saw your post about potty training and take this for what it is but You can change your mind. I wish someone would have told me that with my son. I wish i would have believed them if they did. But I don’t think I would have listened. When they are truly ready, it’s not “training”. It just clicks and they do it. Having accidents on occasion. Not multiple times a day. When they aren’t ready, it’s the biggest pain and mess and heartache.

It’s ok to stop. Even though you threw out the diapers. It’s ok to buy more. It’s ok to tell her you don’t think she’s ready and can try again in a few months. It’s ok whatever you decide. You are not a potty training failure. Neither is she.

Decide if it’s worth it right now. My pride wouldn’t let me see that when John wasn’t ready. Even though I thought he was. I’m praying you can see clearly the route you should take. Love you friend.”


Gosh what a blessing community is in life. I am so thankful for friends who continue to encourage me and cheer me on from the sidelines. So all that to say we are giving ourselves grace in this season (well in every season really) and letting RJ where pull-ups when we are out or maybe even at home sometimes. I keep telling myself, she won’t be in them for 10 years!

I just wanted to pop in to remind you all to give yourselves GRACE! To not beat yourself up if something you are working on with your child or with your self that just isn’t going the way you expected. IT IS NOT FAILING!  I hate that we feel like we “have” to do it a certain way, but we don’t! Find the compromise that will take the pressure off and go with it.


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