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by Bobbi from nhershoes on October 24, 2014 · 1 comment

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Happy FRIDAY lovelies!

So one of the best thing about fall is all the layers! I love wearing scarfs, leggings, boots, sweater dresses and coats. Instead of running out and buying a whole new wardrobe, what I love doing is finding inspiration on Pinterest and pulling out items I already have and getting creative. It’s not to cold here in southern California, so our boots and scarves are just for pure for looks! I am itching to take my boots out, so I thought I would share a post of some of my favorite outfits on Pinterest that I can live vicariously though ;)


It may not look exactly like the Pintrest version, but it so works. Here are a few more of my favorite finds this season that I am going to try and replicate with clothes I already have!











I have a folder saved on my phone of all things fashion and it makes it a lot easier to pick out my outfit in the morning! Now I just need to get better at wearing more jewelry :)

Question: Is it cold where you are? Are you layering up? 


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Happy HUMP day!

Oh how I love our morning {virtual} coffee dates together. I wish I could seriously sit down with each of you and give you a big warm hug and hear what is going on in each of your lives.


If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you… how this ‘early bird’ is BACK!

It’s a bit funny how I wake up in the mornings. I roll over look at the time (praying it’s around 5am), look at the baby monitor (praying that RJ is asleep), and if she is I feel like I have won a race! I wanted my body to get used to getting up at 5am on it’s own without an alarm and you know how I did it… by getting up every morning at the same time! And knowing that my yummy pumpkin spice coffee is waiting for me in the kitchen.

It’s the little things people. I also have made it a point to climb into bed before 10pm every night as well. I just love rising early and enjoying a cup of joe while reading God’s word. It sets the tone of the day!

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you… that I am super excited about the half marathon I am doing in Temecula this weekend!

It’s one that I have already done and I know it’s a tough course filled with hills and trails, but afterwards the Hubby and I get to have a ‘day date’ enjoying lunch at my favorite winery and having a relaxing Sunday. We will miss the babe for sure, but it will be nice to have some good quality time together.


If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you… that the Refresh Summit is SOLD OUT! God is so faithful! I am so excited in less than a month we get to worship and workout with some beautiful ladies. I also can’t wait to see my Tennessee family and spend some time in my college neighborhood.

You can still purchase a raffle ticket or 10 until the end of the week to help raise some funds for a scholarship for someone to attend the Summit! There are some incredible gifts that we are giving away! Check it out!

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you… that our Refresh Attire shop CLOSES this Friday. Don’t forget to purchase one of our limited edition t-shirts! This one the Hubby designed and I just love it!


If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you… that I am working hard at getting the Holiday Shred 2014 READY for this year!

Don’t worry… sign-ups will start Saturday, November 1 with the Shred starting Sunday, November 23rd and go through Christmas. It will be a six-week program filled with Bobbi-Bootcamp style workouts, simpler meal plans, videos, yummy recipes and lots more!

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you… that I am loving The Best Yes book by Lisa Terkurst.

It is challenging me in so many ways and bringing new wisdom into my life. I thought I had saying ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ down pat, but boy was I wrong. I am into chapter 11 of and learning the power of a “small” no. How tempting it is to use NO as a weapon and just decline everything, for freedom in the white spaces. But those white spaces were meant for God’s BEST YES’S. It’s up to us to determine through God’s wisdom what our small No’s are, so we can give our best YES to his greatest assignments.

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you… that we’re dabbling in the thought of moving to Redlands.

Just being open to the idea just in case it is an option. We love our house and we love where we live, but we do a lot in Redlands and it’s a small town where we can walk to everything! It’s just a dream right now, but who knows what’s goona happen :)

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you… that I completed my longest bike ride to date this past weekend!

I rode 76 miles with my dear friend Susie! It wasn’t an easy task (that’s for sure), but my legs felt great. I had done some box jumps the day before (not smart) and felt some tension in my back. By mile 50 it was flaring up a bit, but it subsided and I mentally pushed through.

My 100 mile bike ride is less than two weeks away and I know more than anything it will mental more than physical. It’s going to be a beautiful ride in Oceanside and I am so grateful for Gatorade’s sponsorship to make this bucket list dream come true! After this month, I will be back to more strength workouts and less cardio, but for now… let the training press on!!


If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you… that this season of motherhood is an adventure for sure!

RJ is on the MOVE! Not walking yet, but she is almost there. I am learning to let go of the mess and just enjoy her as much as I can. It’s not an easy task working from home and being a stay at home, but I wouldn’t change it for a minute.

It’s a balancing act daily and just when you think you have got it down, it changes! I have a full blog post on this coming soon.




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