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by Bobbi from nhershoes on April 17, 2014 · 3 comments

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Hey friends! Have you signed up for the Summer Shred yet?!!! I am getting so excited!! Only three more days ’til Boston, crazy right? You can check out my Boston Marathon recap from 2009 here. Well we will be gone for a WHOLE WEEK and I CANNOT WAIT! I haven’t done a day in the life of post since RJ, so I thought I would kick off this Friday with a little fun!

4:30am : The alarm goes off and I wonder why am I choosing to get up this early?!

4:30-4:40am: Scroll through social media to get some motivation to get my sweat on!

4:45am-5:15am: Get up, get dressed, make a cup of coffee, have a piece of toast and almond butter and do my She Reads Truth devotional.


5:15am: Drive to Redlands to meet Susie and Vanessa for a run.


6:30am: Stretch and head back home. I may grab some Starbucks if I really need it. Smile

7am: Get home take a quick shower before baby girl wakes up. (Well, she probably has already been up once so Hubby feeds her and puts her back down.) Try and plan out the day, and catch up emails and text messages.

7:30am: BABY girls wakes up. Say good morning to RJ. We snuggle a bit and I feed her her second bottle.


8am-8:30am: Change and Breakfast time for RJ and me. We share a green smoothie or oatmeal most mornings.


8:30am: We have been enjoying the porch most mornings as the weather has been perfect. We ride around on her bike, play with toys, roll around on the ground, sing songs, and dance.


When her rooms a mess we play in there. She plays in her crib while I clean up.


9:30am: RJ gets her second bottle and she goes down for her morning nap (most mornings).

9:30am-11:30am: Nap time means MOM’s work time! That is the time I catch up all emails, work on Shred stuff, make calls, blog, work on the Refresh Summit, and clean. I have been taking my office outside and it has been glorious. Getting out of the house helps me not be distracted!


11:00am:  RJ wakes up we get dressed for the day and run some errands, head to the park,  or meet with a friend for lunch! I have to get out of the house at least once a day!



12:30: If we are not out, I normally make a big sexy salad and RJ has a bottle and some other food like sweet potatoes or peas. She has tried everything and really loves sweet potatoes.


1:30-3:30- Pretty much free game! It all depends if we are still out enjoying the outdoors or playing at the house. I am really loving this stage! She isn’t mobile yet so we have a a lot of floor time and tummy time.


3:30: No matter where we are, I always try to get home for RJ’s afternoon nap (TRY). I give her another bottle and most days she will go right down. This nap is not as long as her morning nap. For me this time is where I try and pick up the house a bit, do my daily chore, and sometimes just sit and watch some of the Cooking Channel (true story).

4:30: Because baby girl may only take an hour nap if I am lucky! When she wakes up, we do another changing. (I am sure there have been about 2 other diaper changes in between and a blow out here and there.)


5pm: DAD comes home!!!!!! I brush my teeth finally. Winking smile


5:30: Time to make dinner unless it’s Thursday night. RJ just loves to help!


6:30pm: Dinner on the patio. RJ likes to join us on the table! We usually feed her before we start eating or while we are eating. Eating real food has been a fun little challenge.


7:00pm: BATH time!!!! (Every other night.) We take turns, but I always sneak in there because I just love seeing her play in the water.


7:30pm: Hubby or I read RJ a book or two and put her to bed. The other one is usually cleaning up the kitchen.


8pm: We kick up our feet, enjoy some tea (or wine), dark chocolate, and a little tube. I wish I could say I read…but by 8pm all I want to do is sit and not really think.


We typically go to bed between 9-10pm!

Well, this is a good day. Winking smile  You should see the bloopers!

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Summer Shred 2014

by Bobbi from nhershoes on April 13, 2014 · 2 comments

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Hello Friends!

I am so excited to announce the NHS SUMMER SHRED 2014!

Summer Shred 2014
Last year, I had so much fun helping people meet or exceed their summer goals and getting ‘bathing suit comfortable,’ that I am doing it again!

This year’s NHS SUMMER SHRED will run from Monday, May 5 – Saturday, May 31 // That’s FOUR WEEKS together!!!

Sign ups open TODAY (Monday, April 14) and closes on Wednesday, April 30.
Sign up now!!!


Choose Joy Event

During the Holiday Shred 2013, we helped raise over $900 for two families in need of funding for their adoptions (AMAZING!) and now I want to offer another opportunity for all of us as the Shredding Community to come together and support an amazing cause at the Choose Joy Event.

The Choose Joy Event is for anyone who has struggled with infertility, has experienced infant loss or miscarriage, has an interest in adoption or foster care, and/or friends and family members wishing to offer support to those going through infertility or considering adoption.

Each year, the Choose Joy Event raises funds to give to a family to help them with their adoption. I thought, ‘What a great way for us to support this great cause.’ The NHS Summer Shred 2014 costs $45, but if you wish to join me, you can pay $50 for the NHS Summer Shred 2014 and $5 will be donated to support a blessed family at this year’s Choose Joy Event.


To sign up for the NHS SUMMER SHRED for $45 and/or to share with a friend, CLICK HERE.
( http://goo.gl/w28xMX )

To sign up for $50 and have $5 be donated to the Choose Joy Event and/or to share with a friend, CLICK HERE. ( http://goo.gl/TF4CUq )


This Shred will be like other NHS Shreds in the fact that there will be FOUR WEEKS of AT-HOME WORKOUTS (that will kick your bootie)… BUT all of the workouts are NEW WORKOUTS with NEW VIDEOS focused on making you ‘bathing suit comfortable!’ There will also be brand NEW MEAL PLANS, SHOPPING LISTS, FACEBOOK GROUPS, and much more! There are also PRIZES, but I’ll explain below.


These workouts are anywhere from 45-60 minutes! The best way to drop those extra pounds is to do some extra cardio, so get ready to SWEAT!!!

I will also be throwing in a RUNNING PLAN for those who would like to run two days a week through the Shred. (Of course, this is always optional.) I will again be offering a “DIET BET JOIN-IN” and opportunities to win prizes and a GRAND PRIZE through PROPEL SPORTS DRINK! (Stay tuned for more details.)

Following the Summer Shred, there will be a chance to sign up for the EXTREME SUMMER SHRED and the ULTIMATE SUMMER SHRED. The Extreme Summer Shred is an additional four weeks following the Summer Shred with four weeks of even NEWER WORKOUTS, MEAL PLANS, SHOPPING LISTS, etc.

The Ultimate Summer Shred will take you even further after the Extreme Summer Shred with another four weeks of NEW WORKOUTS, MEAL PLANS, SHOPPING LISTS, etc.

Last year, we had over 65 Shredders complete the Ultimate Summer Shred and so THIS YEAR, those of you who make it through the Ultimate Summer Shred will receive a FREE Refresh Attire tank!


// Shopping List and Meal Plans:

You will receive FOUR BRAND NEW weeks of SHOPPING LISTS & MEAL PLANS, which will teach you how to eat CLEAN without feeling restricted!

These MEAL PLANS can be utilized by those with allergies and/or intolerances and is great for people who are: Celiac, Pescatarians, Dairy Free and basically anyone who consumes food. If you wish not to follow these specially designed meal plans, the food choices are completely up to you to choose while still following the Clean Food List and the required amounts as listed on the plan. This allows you to eat clean at each meal while making it specific to your lifestyle. With this information, you will be able to make clean eating a lifestyle and one that is sustainable, easy to follow, and allows you to ‘live’ a little through those special events this summer.

I am also going to be doing some COOKING VIDEOS this time around, so get ready for some fun!

// Workouts:

Completely new weekly functional GPP (General Physical Preparedness) and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are included!

Each workout will include cardio suggestions as well as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) ideas.

There will also be a RUNNING PLAN for those who would like to run through the Summer Shred.

We will have a FACEBOOK GROUP and email access where we can go over the workouts, share tips & ideas with follower Summer Shredders and most importantly, form the mindset needed to make it happen and KEEP GOING. There will also be video links for all the workouts moves.

// Prizes:

Each week, there will be awesome giveaway prizes like: Refresh Attire tanks, Amazon Gift Cards or Special Gifts from our Sponsors! At the end of the Summer Shred, there will be a Grand Prize Package from PROPEL SPORTS DRINK!

// 24-Hour Contact with Your Personal Trainer – Bobbi!

I will be available to answer any of your questions that you might have or offer tips if you are needing some help. You will be given access to the NHS Summer Shred Facebook Group where you can ask me or get support from fellow shredders and you can always e-mail me at nhershoes@gmail.com.

The NHS Summer Shred Facebook Group is a GREAT place for motivation & inspiration, a place to share tips that have worked for you, and a place that fellow shredders can help hold you accountable. Weekly ‘Check-Ins’ through this Facebook Group are also encouraged.


- A Facebook account is highly recommended (but not mandatory) so you can access the private NHS Summer Shred Group. However, everything will be posted & emailed weekly.
- Dumbbells or Kettlebells (Ranging from 8-15lbs)
- Stability Ball
- Box Jump or Step (or a place in the house that you can use as a Step-Up)
- Jump Rope
- Timer (Tabata Timer is a plus)
- Occasional Access to an Open Space or Track
- Determination
- Dedication
- A Good Attitude and Mindset

You will receive a ‘Receipt of Payment’ email once you have enrolled.

Once we have received a notice that payment has been received and cleared, a WELCOME PACKET will be sent to you by Saturday, May 3rd with a link to join the Facebook Group.

If your PayPal account has an e-mail address that you don’t access often and/or is not an email that is associated with your Facebook account, PLEASE WRITE your email address you want to use for the shred in the NOTES portion of your registration.

All of the needed information regarding the SHOPPING LISTS, MEAL PLANS and WORKOUT PLANS will be shared via email and in the Facebook Group. These plans come weekly as PDF documents as well as links to private videos from me!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at nhershoes@gmail.com.


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Honey, Lime and Tequila Shrimp Salad

April 8, 2014

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April 4, 2014

Did you see the LOVE GROWN reveal? That’s right, Love Grown Foods product is OUT and it is called Power O’s. Hello healthy and amazing cereal!!!! I mean I love love love their granola and oats so I knew they would win me over with their cereal as well! Here are a couple other things [...]

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