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Bobby – we met at the bike rack and went down to the swim together! Glad i met u! congrats on your race … and motherhood! Stay inspirational!


I had grand plans to go out after my first half marathon, but was so wiped out that we ended up ordering pizza in our hotel room and I crashed hardcore very early in the evening. Sometimes comfort and relaxation just have to win!

Awesome job!! Congrats. Loved the recap. I did my first duathlon and loved it. The swimming part just makes me nervous, but I am inching closer to a tri 🙂

Congrats on the tri! you did great!! My goal is for a tri next year! looks so much fun

Congrats on finishing!

I love the dress you have on in the last picture…where did you find it?

Congrats, congrats, congrats! You did amazing and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

Love this!! After my husband’s marathon this weekend we had grand plans to get out and hit up the town but after dinner we all went back to the room, grabbed some treats, and watched movies. It was prefect!

Great job on your tri!! You did amazing!!

COngrat on your race!! I was wondering what you thought about swimming in a lake?? We have a TON here in FL, where I live, and I have always been hesitant about lake swims (ie..we have LOTS of Gators!!!) but have no problem with open water swims! Weird??? I think so!!

But…great job for you! New mom AND and Iron Girl! YOU are amazing!!

Congrats on your IronGirl. What a fantastic looking weekend you had.

I have really been enjoy tri’s…and I look forward to do trying a longer distance!

Great job, congratulations! I LOVE the necklace you are wearing with the “R” on it. Where did you find it? I would love to get one with my daughter’s initial. I like how the pendant is big enough that you can actually see it.

Oh wow! I want to run an Iron Girl now. Glad that you had such a great time in Vegas.

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