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Love these virtual coffee date posts! Question-what is your It’s All Good 365 challenge? I’m intrigued!

Love reading your blog. Seriously, I feel like we’re friends. Embrace the 2am wakings. RJ will be sleeping through the night before you know it and then you’ll be wishing she’d wake up because you miss her. Funny how that works.

Love that mug. And love YOU! Good luck on hosting your next shred! You have so much energy and are changing so many lives. Good for you. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

Oh no. I think I’m going to have that same problem once I have kids.

And thinking about you two having Ryles for Christmas brings happy tears to my eyes. Love you!

God certainly used you as an instrument to bring me peace today. Thanks for sharing the little blurb at the end, it is exactly what I needed to read today. Are you going to be back in Vegas anytime soon? I would love to meet you & chat about the adoption process…

Happy we met for coffee! Your last thought is a reminder that lately I’ve needed often. I would tell you that I tried again to order 2 tanks but no luck.

All signed up for the holiday shred! Woohoo! I loved the summer one, and I need the extra support to get back on track since I started working as a nurse!

If only all the bloggers could actually meet up for a coffee date-it’d be wonderful! I love the ‘virtual’ ones still though 🙂

Your first Christmas with RJ–how exciting. I can’t even imagine how my life will change when I have a husband and children. Not only on holidays but every single day.

So excited for the holiday shred!!

Hey Bobbi,

I know what you mean. I feel like i’m less in control of things around the house – i’m OCD too (must be that we are April borns!)… and when you are running on little sleep (even if she is only waking once) it is hard. I sometimes feel like i never have the time to just organise far less do anything for myself. No advise here… well really the only thing i can say is always do what works for you and your family. And i’m realising as my daughter is growing up, that everything is for a season and time goes so swiftly. So yes there are tons of thing i need to sort out and throw out and clean (i’m with you on just starting from scratch!) but i’ll get to them. A little at a time. The good thing about your blog is you have so many people who love you and support you that you can reach out anytime and we’ll all be here just to listen and tell you “Yup! me too!” 😉 have a great day.

I know RJ is a little young, but another blog that I follow talks about RACK-ing during Advent/Christmas. (RACKs are Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) She talks about involving her family; her kids are school age, but it might be a tradition to start? You can check her out at

Also, your coffee date posts are some of my favorite blog posts that I read ever. Thanks! =)

wish we could have a coffee date with you 🙂

I so wish we were having a coffee date. I would give you a huge hug, talk your ear off, AND pray with you. Love you dear friend! xoxo

Look into the Wonder Weeks. There is an app you can download on your smartphone too. Babies go through developmental milestones and they act differently and it’s very common to have sleep disturbances. I have an 8 month old and that’s the very first way I can tell. Trust me it’s worth it and helps the rougher nights!

I am just so excited for you in all of your adventures! I can relate to the OCD tendandcies as well as the trying to be perfect area that all women struggle with! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 I needed to hear ALL of it!

Sounds like things are going so well!! 🙂
I am in a total declutter mode too! I have listed and sold items lately which makes me feel a little better and I found two different websites to send clothing to and they give you money so you don’t have to wait like a consignment shop…It’s been great!

Jennifer, would you mind sharing the websites for clothing? I have a few items I’d like to get rid of, too.

Wow that last one really hit home! I have been so stressed and focused on everything I’ve been becoming very negative towards myself. Sometimes it’s important to slow down and just focus on all that is around us! Thank you! <3

It sounds like things have been great Bobbi, minus the whole staying up after 2am feedings! I miss our runs and you lady! I need to come and visit and meet Miss RJ!

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