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Are you planning to do another Mama Shred soon? Just had a baby 10 days ago and Im already itching to get back to working out!

I just signed up for this shred and I am beyond excited!! I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old 🙂 I can’t wait to get my body in shape and teach my kids healthy eating habits.

Hi I’m curious if I could see a sample meal plan & workout? I like the idea and need accountability! I did Crossfit up until 38 weeks pregnant and have not been able to regain my strength & endurance postpartum.

Does the plan also include somehow making my baby sleep through the night? I feel like that could be helpful overall 😉


Just signed up…I’ll be 6.5 weeks post partum and I’m excited!

As someone who participated in 2 mama shreds last year – I really enjoyed that there was something specific for us moms of littles. I found the shorter workouts made it possible for me to complete whereas I wouldn’t have joined a regular workout group, knowing I didn’t have the time to devote to it. My fitness needs and the things I am able to commit to have changed so much since having my little one so was glad there was something geared towards this new phase of life!
If I wasn’t having #2 on March 5th I’d be all over this!! hoping for another one in June! (hint hint)

This sounds great! I was just wondering about the workouts if there will be a lot of ab exercises. My stomach muscles separated when i was pregnant and at 8 month postpartum have still not fully come back together (lets hope they do one day lol) but i am hesitate to do any of the wrong kind of ab exercises so i was just wondering if your workouts take that into effect since it is a mama shred! Thanks for all you do!

Hey Alyssa! Great question I will for sure have modifications for everything and I will keep the ab muscles in mind, I hope you join!

Thank you!! I just signed up:)

Hi Sarah:

Melissa Burton here ( the RD working with Bobbi on this Shred). I’m not speaking for Bobbi but as a dietitian who focuses on women’s health and as a blogger who is exceptionally supportive of all women, I wanted to comment on what you has to say about this effort being a dividing force within women as a whole. While I know we can’t please everyone all of the time this effort is absolutely not meant to to be exclusionary (truly any busy woman would be suitable to partake in this Shred to be honest). However, women with kids are often the ones who are often the caretakers for others and often out themselves last when it comes to self care, healthy eating and fitness. The “mommy guilt” phenomenon is no myth whether you have an infant or a teenager. As a female and a parent, connecting with this idea is one of the reasons I focus on women’s health. Whether we have kids or not many of us women are nurturers to others and make ourselves the second class citizens of our own lives. To me, that isn’t fair and I love that my profession is one of support to help my fellow female right that wrong.

I’m sorry the name of the Shred offended you. If you wanted to participate I bet you’d find a great group of supportive women among the group and the workout and nutrition information helpful in any case. Again, I can’t speak for Bobbi but I believe we are both in this to help not hurt our fellow female. Perhaps you’ll join us?

beautifully stated.

hi Melissa,
thanks for your thoughtful reply. your point is well taken – many women are the nurterers and caretakers of their social circle, and this does lead to our own health and fitness falling low on the priority list.

really, it sounds like you and I are fairly aligned here. the only caveat I am trying to make is that that isn’t exclusive to moms. take me as an example: I do not have kids but work full-time at a nationally recognized nonprofit, which means that I travel, work nights and weekends and am rarely seen without my blackberry. I also own a home, have a dog, a boyfriend, an ailing grandmother, a pregnant sister, several nieces and various volunteer committments. comparisons are inherently unfair, but I would imagine that I am much busier than some SAHMs, especially those with school-age kids or who have naptimes in which to squeeze in workouts.

regardless, I think this is a good conversation, although I doubt it is what Bobbi intended. I wish all the Mama Shredders well.

non-Mama, still time-crunched,

I find the idea of a mom-specific shred so strange, and honestly quite off-putting. As if there isn’t already a divide amongst women who are or aren’t moms, I’m just not sure that I understand introducing that tension into healthfulness. As women we should all be supporting each other, in spite of and because of our varied journeys and roles.

Hi Sarah!

I agree with Melissa 100%. . The reason for the specific “Mom” shred more than anything there are a lot of mom’s who are coming off of some physical challenges, like nursing moms, or c-sections that we are taking into consideration, not just the time crunch. Believe me girl I know exactly what you mean about being just as busy! I so want more than anything to bring women together for sure and don’t want any women to be turned off in the health area in any way. That is why I will be doing a SUMMER SHRED very soon to include anyone and everyone. Honestly any one can join this shred for sure, but we will be taking in consideration that some may be postpartum. But like Melissa said, we would happily let anyone join! But know that all my SHREDS are open for anyone to join:)

I am so excited to do this. I will be signing up at the end of the week! 🙂

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