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Is round 2 closed? The PayPal account is not set up and therefore I cannot signup for it.

No it’s open!!!

So is it too late for this? Just searching for a challenge for the New Year and had remembered seeing your previous ones on Instagram.


I signed up for the Shred, but haven’t gotten the welcome packet yet. When will those be sent out? Thanks!


Hi Bobbi, it’s Angie again. I just signed and I am so excited and nervous! I was considering training for a half marathon this year, and I think this will give me a good jump start and motivation. Thanks!

Hi Bobbi,
I’m signed up, and received payment receipt, but have not yet received the “welcome packet” mentioned in the program description. Can you check to see that my sign up is complete?

(It’s also another busy holiday weekend, so I understand if you haven’t had a chance to send them yet.)

Looking forward to it!

I would love to do this but I’m still breastfeeding my 12 month old. Should I pass?

Bobbi, I’m interested but since I’ve never done this before…

Sounds terrific, and comes well-recommended, but I also have a couple of questions about the meal plans before I decide whether this is right for me. I’m very excited that it seems consistently with the clean eating I’ve been doing increasingly over the last year, but am wondering….
– Are the recommended meals expensive? (eg, will I be eating $22/lb fish 4x/week?)
– Do dinners take more than 30 min. to prepare?
– Are lunches viable for taking to work (I have a fridge and microwave there, but not a real kitchen)?


I have worked with Bobbi on previous shreds, and I do not feel she has “cut” any food groups. Clean eating is about balanced and natural eating, so no added sugars but fruits and natural sugars (ie: honey) were included. Also, the plans have incorporated seasonal fruits and veggies (ie: pumpkin this past fall which was amazing!) If you are on the fence about joining, I definitely recommend it!! The workouts are tough, the food plans are great, and Bobbi and all the other shredders provide great support! Good luck!

I have a question about the meal plan, as well. I joined a CSA so I get seasonal organic vegetables, and I wonder if the meal plans will take that into consideration, or if there is a way to incorporate them.

So excited! Def will be signing up!!!

I can’t wait to finally participate in one of your shreds, but I’m due on Christmas day and might need to sit this one out due to adjusting to a new baby and figuring our nutrition for breast feeding. Do you know when the next shred will be after the New Year? It is definitely going to help me shred the baby weight!

I’m curious about the strictness of the meal plans. I don’t want you to give away the details since that’s proprietary, but just curious if major food groups will be cut.

Thanks!! 😀

Every time I see the posts about a Shred, I’m tempted! lol Maybe I’ll go for it one of these days! 🙂

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