Hubs’ 25 Manly Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 2013


Hubs here. Bobbi has asked me to be a little more involved with her blog by having a post every blue moon. Now, my post won’t be anything fancy, healthy or cutesy. It will be more practical How-To’s, tips, things I have to say and random tidbits about guys. So without further ado…

Hubs' 25 Manly Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 2013


Now… if your man is sporty and/or outdoorsy (like myself), there will be some ideas on here that will get you extra credit points, but let’s start off with the basics:


Stocking Stuffer - Socks1) SOCKS:
If he is trying to get into cycling, running, basketball, auto repair, accounting, nursing, Marco Poloing… there is a sock for it. And a week later, go into his sock drawer and trash the 3 pairs of socks with holes in it. He won’t notice.

Guys will wear boxers with holes in it. Use #1 for reference.

3) SOAP:
Depending on the guy, you can get a funny gift like Soap-On-A-Rope or if you want to have your man smelling good, you can get him a year’s supply when you do the “Buy 3 Get 3 Free” at Bath & Body Works.

Stocking Stuffer - Loofah4) LOOFAH:
Again, guys tend not to get new things unless duct tape fails. Save him the public shame in buying a loofah at the grocery store and get him a nice one… Yearly!

Depending on the men, you might want to get some traditional cologne or try something new like using the Axe’s Body Spray.

6) GUM:
Who doesn’t like gum? A Mega Pack? Gum for Days!Stocking Stuffer - Candy

Just know that it will be gone by December 26th.

8) DVD:
What is the “man movie” from 2013 that you know he will watch again and again and again… and ask for you to watch it with him? Was it The Wolverine? 2 Guns? 42? World War Z… Just kidding, don’t get World War Z no matter how much you like to look at Brad Pitt.

OK… those were some softball tosses. Here’s the next step…


Stocking Stuffer - Pocket Ref9) THE POCKET REF (4th Ed): MUST HAVE!
The paperback version – It’s a man’s brain written shorthand with all of the needed guy information. You’ll thank me!

10) LOTTERY SCRATCHER TICKETS: (if your state/country allows it)
Not those cheap $1 ones. Get him a couple of $3 – $5 tickets… maybe a $10. I rather have a couple of higher stake ones than 10 of those $1 tickets.

11) KNIFE:
Be unique. Maybe this year it is a Swiss Army Knife to replace the one he didn’t know he had when going through the security line at the airport. Maybe it is a meat filleting knife. Or a Xacto Kit. Or the typical Exclusive Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Sword… you know, just in case. Change it up every year!

12) CIGAR:
If he’s the kind of guy that likes to smoke a cigar with the guys, get him a nice one… or two so he can share. *Note* Unless he has a humidor, wait until Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve’s Eve to get it. $10 – $15 each will do.

Stocking Stuffer - Whiskey Stones13) WHISKEY STONES:
No, these are not kidney stones from those long nights of drinking whiskey. They are stones that you chill and then put into drinks to cool down the drink without the melted ice water later. There are different forms of these. One Form. Another Form.

Here are items that might be for the sporty/outdoorsy guy…

14) ZIPPO:
Because you never know when you need it.Stocking Stuffer - Sports Gear

A St. Louis Cardinals patch, stickers, license plate frame, bobbleheads, key chain… sure!

This could be new Rawhide Leather Work Gloves or light Casual Gloves to out of the house with.

Get the 3 1/4″ tees like these. Don’t get golf balls. Some men are particular, but if they aren’t particular… A cheap gift that I have purchased are slightly used bulk golf balls. Check out eBay for these things.

It can be a workout beanie (or skullcap) or stylish one.Stocking Stuffer - Church Key

It’s just cool looking! HERE.


These aren’t for most guys, but maybe you want to get something random. Try these:

20) Farkas Eye Black
21) Chocolate Bacon Bar
22) A Fun Coffee Mug
23) Baseball Cap Water & Sweat Repellant
24) Stormproof Matches
25) Bacon Flavored Toothpicks

Hope this was useful for you ladies. Maybe I should make a list of things that guys should get women so you can send the link to your man. What do you think?


9 responses to “Hubs’ 25 Manly Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 2013”

  1. This is super useful – thank you!

  2. Awesome ideas for men! Love that your hubby wrote this ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great ideas! I just bought my fiance several items from your list! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Good ideas! All I have bought for him so far is Reese’s Christmas trees…but you are so right about the socks, underwear, and soap hahaha

  5. I always love when Matt blogs. This actually gave me some great ideas too. Thanks!

  6. Love the ideas – I think I might need to add a few of these to the list of “stocking stuffers” I am planning on getting my hubby

  7. My hubby’s stocking contains the movie “42” and at his request – jojoba oil for beard growth! LOL!

  8. Great ideas! I am currently on my computer trying to shop for a few things for my husband ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. great gift ideas! I need to get Gary some things – perfect timing ๐Ÿ™‚