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I’m So excited for your family!! We just went through an almost exact adventure a few months ago. Listed our home in Burbank, Ca for sale and it was gone in a week and a half. My husband and I both grew up in Southern Ca, and our friends and family thought we were crazy for leaving. But we knew God had bigger plans for us. I’m sitting in our beautiful, dream home in Flagstaff, AZ and I’ll tell you that even though I’m only a few months on the other side – it was worth it. All of it. Prayers for a smooth transition. We’re down in Phoenix (we have family in Paradise Valley/Scottsdale) maybe we’ll see you around! And if you need a break from the heat there’s all kinds of fun up here in Flag!!

So exciting! Fill the van!!!

What a season of joy! I pray your transition is smooth and your house sells quickly. CONGRATS!!

Bobbi – tears of joy and prayers for you and your family! You have opened my eyes to so much – no words can express. I can’t wait to continue to “follow” you my friend. Oh so much goodness with his love to come, Amen!

I am a long-time reader, but rarely comment… but this time I had to! Your joy and excitement are evident throughout your post, and I am so excited to continue reading along and see where this next chapter takes you.

Also, my husband and I are currently a waiting adoptive family and I love reading about your experience with adoption, both with RJ and (hopefully) your future plans. I know it is deeply personal and there are also privacy concerns, but I hope you will continue to share about that aspect of your life.

I am praying for you guys through these changes! You will be missed greatly! I am proud of you for following His lead- He is faithful to provide <3

Thanks for sharing! Sending prayers and love. We just moved recently too, so I know how challenging transitions can be– but fun and exciting at the same time!

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