“If the shoe fits, wear it”

Well I got my new Montrail sandals that I won in the “Run Like a Girl” race! I have been wearing them all summer. Even though it looks like I have boats on my feet, they are very comfy. I wore them on our camping trip and they were wonderful. I love the high arch that supports my foot and I feel like I am walking on air. I didn’t get any blisters from the strap and my foot molded to them rather quickly. I had my mom try them on and she nearly stole the for me. They may not be the most stylish sandals but they sure are the most comfortable ones I have ever won, and they were free!

I also got my first pair of Rainbow sandals. I have always said that I would not buy a pair because they were too expensive! But a good friend of mine told me she was going to the Rainbow Outlet, where all the sandals were 50% off! So I gave her some money and told her to pick some up for me. I decided on the light brown Double Layer Arch sandal. They get dirty looking pretty fast, but I guess that’s the look. They are supposed to mold right to your feet, haven’t worn them long enough to find if that’s true or not. So what’s the story behind the sandals and why are they so popular?!

  • Unlike most consumer sandals, rainbows have built-in arch support and mold to the wearer’s individual foot shape. Rainbow officially recommends a number of procedures to “break them in”, as some first time users may find that the straps are too tight, or the toe piece is too far back. These include getting them wet and wearing them wet in order to make the materials more supple to mold to the wearer’s feet, as the sandals were originally designed for surfers and longboarders. They also recommend that one physically stretches the straps by hand and/or place a round object, such as a water bottle, under the straps at night.

Not sure which one’s I like better, I ll let you know once I have worn them both in! I invest in sandals because I live in them all year long! What sandals do you love???