10 Week Summer Challenge {Propel}

Hi friends!

Who’s ready fro summer??? If you haven’t signed up for my Summer Shred yet, there is STILL time! Sign ups close next Wednesday May 6th. I have already been in a bathing suit this year and felt great (thanks to Ashely Horner) , but I am always up for a little challenge that will push me to stay strong and fit! How about you? Well if you join my SUMMER SHRED then you will be working on this one with me for sure! 

This summer I will be working with Propel on the “Lyte Up Your Workout” Summer Challenge, because they just came out with an an awesome Electrolyte water.


“Propel Electrolyte Water is a clear, unflavored, zero calorie water with Gatorade-level electrolytes, which help support hydration and replace what’s lost in sweat. It’s formulated for people who are passionate about fitness and want a water that supports better hydration.” —>ME! 

8874984_Propel Hi-Res Product Image

So to kick off the challenge I got to meet up and work out with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson! He trains a lot of celebrities..the Kardashians 😉 . HE IS NO JOKE! He kicked my bootie like non other!

Check out this cool ab roller, um abs are so FLIPPIN’ sore!





I told him I was a trainer and taught fitness classes and I think that made him want to push me even harder which I LOVED! I get to push people all day long, so it’a a lot of fun letting someone do it to me (although I get why people love me and hate me all at the same time). I also did the Jacob’s ladder and now I want one!!! Have you done the Jacob’s ladder before?


I learned some awesome HITT workout that I can’t wait to try out at home and I also got to talk to a wonderful Registered Dietitian about my fitness challenge goals! She was pretty impressed about how clean my diet was already;) YEARS of learning and cooking healthy..so that helps!

SO…who want’s to jump in this challenge with me?!!!  I have fun give-aways coming too!

MY 10 WEEK FITNESS CHALLENGE: to lose 2% body fat! How will I do that?

1. Doing three days of strength training (TRX) and two days of cardio workouts.
2. Continue to focus on eating WHOLE FOODS!
3. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an advanced form of aerobics designed to strip body fat at a faster rate. Doing the SHRED!!!! (sign up)
4. Drinking lots of water, including Propel Electrolytes!
5. Inviting my friend Ronni to do it along with me! Having accountability and a workout buddy is a MUST! 

I want to focus on body fat % and not the scale! 

This Challenge is from May 1st to July 16th, I am gonna start on Monday! Who’s in??? 


2 responses to “10 Week Summer Challenge {Propel}”

  1. Kristy Avatar

    I am in and I am looking forward to the shred! I have a #10goal which is 10 weeks, 10 pounds and 10 minutes off my half marathon PR. I am week one down (had to reboot after a schedule change and training change knocked my Chicago Volition Half off the list). The plan is to do your shred three days a week, one day long run, one day speed work and two days easy runs. With a yoga/active recovery days in there too. Can’t wait!

  2. I hope you share some of the workout ideas here! I bet it was a great opportunity and sweat session! My goal is to do 3 days of strength, either video at home or group class, once the half is over tomorrow!