2012 New Year New Goals

HAPPY NEW YEARS from our family to yours!!!!


Hello 2012 🙂

I hope you all had fun last night, we sure did. We rung in the new year with 8 of our closest friends, playing games and having a little dance party!! But the day was spent getting my sparkle on while laying by the pool!


Gotta love 80 degree weather on New Year’s EVE!!!



Then it was on to our New Years Eve party at the Holubar’s. I was just happy to be well enough to get ready and go out!!! I have had enough of being SICK!


A fun get together with games and spontaneous dance parties is the best way to bring in the new year!


The spread was amazing and I brought the best artichoke dip ever!!! It’s not healthy in any way (well I did use light Mayo and cream cheese) but it had alot of CHEESE  😉


My drink of choice for the evening. Such a good CAB!


The ladies ready to bring in 2012!


But first we had games to play! We start with Left-Center-Right, best quarter game to play on NYE!


There were hats to be worn.


…and of course what would a game night be without BUNCO!


We played until 11:45 (almost missed the ball drop) and then the countdown was on!!!


5-4-3-2-1!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!




Loved 2011….

Now it’s time to talk about GOALS 2012.

First let us review my goals for 2011 .The theme for last year was SIMPLIFY!

GOALS for 2011

I set 5 goals to keep things attainable.

#1. Finish reading through the entire Bible in 2011.still working, need to finish!!!
#2. SAVE SAVE SAVE. Keep up the envelope system and work hard and de-cluttering. –made big changes and finally figure out what works best for us!
#3. Read more. Maybe not a book a month, but much much more!!! –ya not happening.
#4. Learn how to play the guitar (again). –got my guitar all fixed up for Christmas and started to play again!
#5. Have more fun with the BLOG. Of course I would love to increase blog traffic, but more importantly I want to inspire more people to live happy and healthier lives!!!!
-this year has been a lot of fun on the blog, new layout, fell in love with Instagram, made new blog friends, and inspired many. I would say mission accomplished.

Things that weren’t on the goal list that I happily achieved:

1. Ran 3 Half marathons

2. Did my first Half Iron Man and loved it!

3. Finished the Making the Cut challenge!


5. Worked for several months at a bootcamp studio.(decided to go another direction)

6. Started my own studio in my garage.

7. Swam 2 miles in the OCEAN!!!

8. Rode my bike up Oak Glen road.

Now let’s talk about 2012.

I have three new rules this year that I want to follow well making my goals.

I have decided to make three different sets of goals (I have done this in the past and love it!).

Physical. Mental. Spiritual


  • Do Jamie Eason’s 12 Week Trainer Program (starting January 2nd)
  • Do three more races this year. This could me anything from a half marathon, triathlon, or a century bike ride! Planning on Run through Redlands in April, A local Triathlon in March, and the Sandiego Rock in Roll in June.
  • Do yoga once a week, (at least).
  • Eat more protein everyday (at least 50 grams) and 3 cups of veggies (at least).



  • Organize all of our adventures into books using Blurb.com.
  • Organize all photos on computer and put them on to my hard drive.
  • Use my REAL CAMERA again and use my new light box!! Less iPhone pics.
  • Follow this organization calendar to get my house de-cluttered.
  • Makeover guest room. Paint walls, get new bedding, hang pictures on walls, and clean out closet.
  • Get rid of 50 things by the end of June and 50 more things by the end of December.
  • Do one crafty thing a month. I miss being crafty!!!
  • Get Personal Trainer website up and running.
  • Put flooring in garage for my studio.
  • Make the Laundry room a peaceful space. Add shelving above washer and dryer. Use our built in storage more efficiently.



  • Write in my prayer journal at least 3 times a week.
  • Let my yes be yes and my no be no. Stop over committing and having to cancel plans last minute!
  • Pour into the new church we will be going to starting in January. Go every week if I am not working.
  • Volunteer for a cause at least three times this year.
  • Read scripture everyday.
  • Send one letter/card out a month. Handwritten notes are such a beautiful thing.
  • Do one random act of kindness everyday!
  • Pray with my Husband every night.

I know this is a lot, but they are all attainable and measurable so I feel confident that I can fulfill them all. The theme for this year is ORGANIZE! I think I am a farely organized person, but we have too much STUFF. I want to get rid of all the clutter in my life this year, all the old papers that I never look at in boxes, shoes I never wear, purses I don’t need…. I want to give more to those in need and not have an abundance of things I don’t need.

I know I am ambitious, but it’s better to put things down to look back and reflect on through the year. It’s all about prospective.

So there they are 2012 goals! Let this be a year to remember!

Question: What is your number one goal for 2012??




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