25 Days of Togetherness {Family}


Hope you all had an amazing THANKSGIVING! We enjoyed time with family and friends! I even hosted my third free local Turkey Trot and about 80 people showed up! It was a huge success and I can’t wait to it again next year.


Today, I got out and did a bit of shopping today with my girlfriends and it was a lot of fun! I love to give gifts, but I also recognize that gifts are not the only thing to celebrate and enjoy through the holidays, there is also the amazing gift of quality time together! Soaking up the sounds and seasons of Christmas is just my favorite!


Two years ago I did this 24 Days of Togetherness idea,  by Tina and decided it was time to bring it back!  You make a list of 24 things, cut each item into a strip of paper, but them in a jar, then pull one out each day and do it together. It’s fun, spontaneous, and of course we can be flexible and pull out a different one if we can’t do one of them that day. Just making this list makes me happy! I took some of Tina’s ideas and my friend Kasey’s and added some of my own, customized for our family! We will be doing these and tagging #24daysoftogetherness on Instagram. My friend Kasey from Veva Health is doing it too! Who wants to join us?

My List:

Drink peppermint hot cocoa
Give each other foot massages
Take a drive and look at Christmas lights
Make a list of 10 things you like about the other person
Make a Christmas cocktail
Play a board game
Watch a Christmas Movie Together with Homemade Popcorn
Make healthy Graham Cracker Houses
Get clothes together to donate to a homeless shelter
Go to the Mission Lights togther as a family
Drink eggnog (diary free)
Sing and dance to Christmas music
Watch the local Christmas Parade
Get a holiday DQ Blizzard, pay for the person in line behind us
Make brunch together in our PJ’s
Enjoy a Holiday Date Night
Have a fire
Wear red and green
Go to DisneyLand and watch the Christmas Parade
Wrap presents and drink wine
Buy a Christmas present for RJ, and drop off a gift for Toys for Tots
Take a family selfie
Share our favorite Christmas memory
Make cookies and decorate them


2 responses to “25 Days of Togetherness {Family}”

  1. This is a really fun idea!

  2. I love that you kept the DQ Holiday Blizzard in your list 😉 And I think it’s so cool that you planned your own Turkey Trot! You should definitely write a post about how to plan you own 5K/10K for people who don’t have them in their area. Looking forward to all your 24 Days of Togetherness Instagrams!