3 Week Update on the RFC

Time for a three week update on the Real Food Challenge 🙂

Let’s be honest, it hasn’t been easy and I haven’t really felt much different, because I normally eat pretty well as it is, but there has been change.

What do I mean by change? Well I have LOVED eating at home a lot more. Like last night for instance, we were so tempted to go out and have a birthday celebration dinner and break all RFC rules, but I had planned a great meal and I knew that once I started cooking I would be much happier. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy eating out once in a while, but as we all know that it’s not only better for your wallet to eat at home, but it’s much better for your waistline.

I am loving all the fruits and veggies I have been eating and finding new and fun recipes.

I wasn’t expecting to LOSE any weight on the challenge, but I have lost a little and more then that I have felt a bit lighter. Not sure that make sense, but I do.

Budget wise, we are staying on track. We have about $155 to left to spend and still 2 more weeks to go. I forgot there was 5 weeks in March, which gives us one whole week to add to the budget.

Hubby on the other hand was just about ready to quit on Thursday. It’s really just the Crystal Light limitation that he is having a hard time with. He is ALWAYS thirsty and is not a huge fan of water. So we have decided that as soon as all the juice is gone, he will be adding Crystal Light back (but limited). But, everything else is going to stay the same.

Also I have added a new challenge for myself, I am going to make a new recipe from one of my cookbooks every week.  

I miss Pink Berry…dark chocolate…and that’s about it.  I will stick it out and keep playing in the kitchen!!!

 P.S. I think we need more how-to videos on NHS!!!! I feel a movie coming on 🙂


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