A Fit and Healthy Christmas Gift Guide {Tips}

Happy FRIDAY!!!

So a lot of people have asked me what I want for Christmas this year and honestly I could care less. I am happy with whatever my friends and family get me.

I love gifts with intention, but I also like getting people things that they really want. I don’t NEED anything or so I thought. Then I asked all my Shredders and Facebook friends what they are asking this year for Christmas and I was like WOW there are a lot of fun things out there. So then I decided why not share them with all of you so you could get some ideas and inspiration for the Fitness and Health people in your life (or maybe some ideas for YOU).

So here is the awesome list I came up with:


Question: Is there something that you are asking for that’s not on this list? 


2 responses to “A Fit and Healthy Christmas Gift Guide {Tips}”

  1. All great ideas!!! I especially love the race entries idea, that’s a great gift for a runner! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So many good things!!
    I always ask for magazine subscriptions, as I subscribe to so many, so this year I am asking for Fine Cooking and Saveur.

    I wish that the Fit Bit with HR was available for Christmas 🙁 It would be on my list.