A Kindof Lazy Saturday….

This morning I woke up early and went on a 3 mile run with my running buddy Rachel. It felt good to get out and run after having these past two days off from any REAL exercise, it was just what I needed. After the run I went to an hour kickboxing class and then did a little bit of weights. Bringing my total HBBC points to 110.5…I need to really push it hard this week my goal was to at least get 150total!

I didn’t get home until almost 11 and hadn’t had breakfast so I made a BIG breakfast. A pumpkin oatmeal breakfast cookie. It kind of of fell apart but it was still sooo good! I had it with a sliced Gala Apple, and some orange juice (we still have so much leftover from Christmas).

This is one of my plates I got from Hubby for Christmas!

december27th 007

I of course added some Barney Butter but look I am OUT!!!! OOOO SAD DAY!

december27th 010 

and look at this o so cute coffee mug from Kohl’s, my new favorite store for all dishes!!! I didn’t know that they had a line of Food Network kitchen stuff.

 december27th 009 december27th 008


Yesterday I got to do a little shopping and reading. You see the lines were so long, which I expected but I brought my book in my purse so I didn’t mind standing in line so much:) I had some gift cards in my stocking that I got to use, I am telling you hubby did GREAT! I also had some wonderful new CD’s I listened to in the car.

december27th 006

Before I went to shopping I had a yummy bowl of pumpkin oats with cranberries on top. I got to use my new mug and bowl.

december27th 001

 december27th 005

It was so hard not to look at a watch yesterday because there were clocks EVERYWHERE!!!! It was nice to have NO plans. I did get to shop a little with my mom and step dad and then hubby and I were craving Thai food on a whim so we tried to go to our favorite spot but it was CLOSED! So we went to our second favorite place, the THAI HOUSE. I love living in a small town because I called my friend Christina (her and her bf love this place) to see if they wanted to meet us there, and they had JUST GOT there. WOW crazy, and such a fun night. No pics, we were all having tooo much fun. I orders yellow curry and white rice.


After breakfast I changed out a lot of our old pictures, one thing checked off the to do list. I probably could have cleaned more today, but I wanted to veg some more. I updated my phone numbers to my contact list, BORING! lol currently I am catching up on blogs and watching
P.S. I Love You, a movie I got from my SIL for Christmas, this is one of my favorites!!!

We are planning on going to the Heppinstals for a game night, with pizza I will be going through the cupboard to see what we can bring;) I am thinking brownies.


If you need something to make in a moments notice to take to a party I have the perfect recipe!!! Cream cheese and Chili dip.


  • One can of Turkey Chili
  • One pack of cream cheese
  • shredded cheese

Directions: Spread cream cheese on the bottom of a microwaveable dish. Top with chili, then sprinkle shredded cheese on top. Serve with Chips!

chili_dipI am sorry I haven’t fulfilled my promises about posting my review, contests, and goals. I guess all this free time is making me a BAD PLANNER. Why is it that when you have more time you find time to procrastinate!!!

Hopefully I will make some headway tomorrow. Even though we do have two parties tomorrow to go to! Have a happy WEEKEND!!!!


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