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That watermelon cake looks amazing! The dressing looks great too! I love Luna bars! I eat them fairly often and the chocolate dipped coconut flavor is awesome! Coconut butter on a sweet potato is genius! I really have to give that a try!

ICE CREAM is definitely my biggest temptation!

Those Luna bars are awesome.

I’m obsessed with that Hummus salad dressing! Great in wraps, but my favorite thing to do is buy it + TJs broccoli slaw and make a healthier coleslaw. So good.

Biggest temptation for me is probably high calorie drinks, whether it’s alcoholic (hello, mojitos + margaritas) or even just too many smoothies + slushies. Most of the year I drink water only so the summertime adds in calories that I forget to think of. And ice cream. I can’t say not to ice cream (sorry, waistline).

That salad sounds like the most incredible thing. I can’t wait to make it! If only we had a TJs so that I could try that dressing, too.

So true our abs are built in the kitchen and you always do a fantastic job at it! I just got a new bikini at Victoria’s Secret to keep me thinking about healthy eating and staying fit for when I got to Hawaii in the fall!! I can’t wait to get there and wear it!!!

off to TJs to find that dressing. cuz fat free creamy dressings like ff ranch just dont cut it. but i love hummus.

that cake is way cool! found me the link for it. Need to make it for a summer party – of course it requires 2 cans of full fat coconut milk. Not skinny but delicious.

I agree with the abs too. while i may never have a visual six pack, that’s okay. I embrace what I have. 🙂

Summer temptations include salty margaritas with salty tortilla chips and lots of guacamole! This seems to be a regular temptation though…HA! LOVE that fridge and it is stacked so well. 🙂 Hope you had a beautiful weekend!

I want to devour that watermelon cake right now! Looks so good!!!

Got to love Pinterest, right!? haha! I have a question for you, Bobbi. I’m looking for new training shoes for my strength training workouts. WHich shoes have you found most comfortable and flexible to workout in?

Wow! That coconut butter looks amazing. I will have to whip that up soon! I love the idea of prepping salads to take to work… those look yummy! I stay on track by cooking at home most nights and bringing my lunch to work. 🙂

My biggest summer temptations are the mayo-y salads at every cookout – potato salad, egg salad, macaroni salad. Being from WI, we apparently put mayo in everything just like we cheese and beer go with everything 🙂 I have such a hard time staying away from them! I try to just have a little and if I have overindulged, I make up for it with a HIIT workout or a run.

I am so happy that you talked about being fit not skinny! I feel like every time I’m reading other blogger’s blogs they don’t expose this detail. You just made me love your blog even more!

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Your answer lifts the intelligence of the debate.

love the new fridge, so fancy 🙂
watermelon cake – wow – and YUM

Oh my goodness, I have been OBSESSED with those Chocolate Coconut Luna bars for awhile now, they are amazing! And it feels like you’re cheating, but they really aren’t too bad! I am definitely going to have to try to make some coconut butter now, since I had to buy my unsweetened coconut online and could only find a box of 4 bags of it, so I have LOTS I need to use up! Thanks Bobbi, great post! BTW your stomach looks AMAZING and its my goal for mine to look like that!

Wow you must have so much money to have all that nice stuff!!

Great post!! It’s definitely all about the balance! 🙂 That watermelon cake is such a cute idea!

that watermelon cake is so creative

I typically eat much cleaner in the summer by accident….I get a little over zealous at the farmers market, and then I have to eat it all!

My biggest problem with summer is alcohol. Im not a huge drinker, and during the year Im so busy working each night prepping for classes that I never, ever drink. But in the summer I have time and beer just sounds better. But Im trying to stick to wine because I can enjoy less and save some cals.

That watermelon cake is amazing! I love it! What is on the outside? I’ve just been on your Pinterest page and seen how to easily cut a watermelon…something that has mystified me for a long time! 🙂

Those Luna Bars taste like Girl Scout cookies to me – so good!

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