All my bags are packed I am ready to go!

Woke up this morning at 6:30am on the dot! Internal alarm clock is working:) Ran 3.5miles, 2 miles under 8:00. Last run till marathon. Came home and did lots of sit ups and push ups. Ate a new recipe, French Oats with mango slices, shot of Monavie and a big glass of water!
2 pieces of whole wheat bread

1/2 cup of skim milk
3 egg whites
1/4 cup oats

Melted pb and pure maple syrup together pured right on top!
I have read somewhere that is is not so important what you eat the night before a race but it’s more important what you eat the week prior to your race. “carbohydrate loading begins three days before the marathon. Choose foods for lunch and dinner that are high in carbohydrates (e.g., pasta, potatoes, rice, etc.). Don’t neglect fruits, vegetables, and some protein sources however. Try to really scale back on fats during this time. ”
I have been trying to eat like the race is the next morning ever night. Staying away from all heavy food, no wine, Lot’s of water, and plenty of complex carbs. Hydrating is so important too, ” Hydrate well the week before the marathon and in particular, during the carbohydrate loading period (three days prior to the marathon). Research indicates that carbohydrates convert to glycogen more effectively when accompanied with the consumption of water.This will be your energy fuel during the marathon!”
It’s weird to think that I am not burning as many calories in the tapering stage but I am still just as hungry. I am not too worried about gaining a couple pounds I haven’t yet, don’t think I will. So I have my bags open and ready to pack! I am getting kinda getty:) I am not only thinking about the race, but also the chance to travel and have a girls getaway!
Here is a list I found online that has helped me pack:
    1. For out of town races in particular, don’t wait until the night before you travel to collect and pack needed items. Rather, make a list of things you wish to take and begin getting them together in the days prior to your departure.


  • Whether you’re running in your hometown marathon or traveling out of town, collect everything you need to take to the race site for your workout bag and have it ready the night before the race. Also, pin your race number to the front of your singlet or t-shirt. It’s a good idea to take along an extra roll of toilet paper in case there’s none remaining when you visit the bathroom or port-o-potty. You’ll have enough on your mind race morning, let alone worrying about items you need to wear or take to the starting line.



  • Plan for all types of weather as conditions can change rapidly. It’s better to pack everything you might need rather than having to scurry around a new city looking for clothing and/or accessories at the last minute.



  • For races held in cold conditions, consider bringing some clothing that you can discard during the race after you warm up.



  • If you are traveling out town, be sure to pack healthy snack foods you may wish to eat the weekend of the marathon. Eliminate the need to search for a grocery store that stocks your favorite foods.


Essential items:

Running Shoes
Travel Itinerary
Emergency contact list (phone numbers and email addresses)Medical Alert (if needed)
Shorts ( for me a skirt)
Warm-Ups (Jacket and Long Pants)
Sports Bra
T-Shirt (Long and Short Sleeve)
Sweat Shirt
Rain Jacket (not sure Ill need this)
Ipod and Garmin( still need to make my running mix!)

Other Handy Items:

Body Glide, Skin Lube, or Vaseline
Foot Powder
Shoe Laces
Workout Bag
Lock for locker
Race Confirmation (to receive race number, if applicable)
Safety Pins
Sweat Bands
Analgesic Cremes (e.g., Ben Gay, Myoflex, etc.)
ID Tags (for you and your bag)
Toilet Paper
Sample Size Toiletries

Possible* Food Items:

Lara Bars
Gel Energy Supplements
Snack/Pre-Race Items (e.g., Bagels, Muffins, Fruit, etc.)
Sports Drinks(HEED) and recovery
Bottled Water

I am so afraid of forgetting something but I know if I have the essentials I should be ok! We leave tomorrow morning at 7 am to head out to Utah, 6 hour drive. Today I have work till 5:30, dinner, hoping to eat fish and veggies, and then One Month to Live study, more tempting snacks but I am bringing snack tonight!!! Any ideas of what to take for a healthy snack that everyone will love???? Well got to go pack, have a happy Thursday, it’s a FRIDAY for me!


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