And the Hunger is ON!

Why am I always so hungry after lunch? I have been eating real healthy lately, staying away from sweets and trying to eat as much veggies and fruit as possible and I am finding myself always starved an hour later!

Let’s take today for example. I had a bowl of Banana Nut Oats for Bfast, and then a Larabar for snack (only because I was out of yogurt), and then I had a very big salad.

My Salad consisted of a 1/2 can of Salmon, cucumbers, red and yellow peppers, tomato, and some grapes on top. I also had a few rice crackers and hummus on the side. I ended the lunch with a white peach(not my favorite still not so sweet). Then an hour later rolls by and I AM HUNGRY again! lol…I usually have a large glass of water and if that doesn’t fix it some chocolate hemp milk, and I just bought these dark chocolate Kashi bars that might help.

Does anyone out there have this problem? Maybe it’s because I am not eating a big complex carb with my meal, or because my stomach is crazy!

I also am not sure how many calories I am taking in a day. I don’t count calories, I just know when I am full I stop and when I am hungry I eat (as long as it’s all good food choices of course). Well I am off to get that glass of hemp, or maybe a new bar…


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