Before and After Pictures+Bobbi’s Bootcamp

Wow is it already Thursday evening? This week went by super fast, and I can not wait until it is over!! I only have one more week of school left, and next week is going to be filled with parties and talent shows.

This morning I had the pleasure to meet with Veronica and her adorable kiddos for coffee(well the kiddos had hot chocolate). Thank you so much for the kind words about her weight loss story, and my training certificate you guys are so encouraging!!! She also sent me some before and after pics that I thought you guys would enjoy, check them out!





And today🙂 One hot mama!


Love this girl!! We are actually going to start a 200 situp, and 100 pushup challenge together to work on those core areas that need some extra toning ! It will be a lot of fun doing it together, anyone want to join us? We are going to start on Monday! I love me some challenges!!!

Speaking of challenges, I am starting an 18 week “Bobbi’s Bootcamp” tomorrow morning at 6am! I am getting so pumped, it’s going to be a lot of fun, we are not only going to work on our physical appearance but also our eating habits, and spiritual growth. We are only meeting on Friday mornings, but of course I am encouraging the girls to get out and at least work out 3 days the rest of the week, We are also going to have accountability buddies, to encourage one another throughout the 18 weeks, and even swapping healthy recipe ideas with each other by brining in a healthy breakfast for everyone!! I plan on keeping you all informed, so don’t worry you won’t miss out. I promise to post a lot of the circuit workouts we do as well as all the yummy and healthy food!!!

Today lunch was a true beauty, lot’s of color and flavor! I had a huge salad with lot’s of strawberries, cucumbers,tomatoes,an egg, and hummus.


Well the salad actually became a pita! By the way I am actually eating on our picnic tables at school, but it looks more like a side walk!!!


With some sliced cantaloupe of course!! I am so buying another one of these this weekend, I hope they are still only 1 dollar!


Well I am off to meet our Thursday night group for pizza at our favorite pizza place, The Gourmet Pizza Shop! This summer our group is stepping back from all the studying we have been doing through the year and just hanging out together.  After dinner we are going to walk around the farmers market that is on the same street, and I brought my reusable bag of course:) I am hitting up the Organic Co-Op this weekend so I probably won’t by too much.

I will probably be going to bed early tonight, because I have a 5am wake up call, but I will be posting my first bootcamp experience in the morning, can’t wait!!!


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