Blend 2012 Recap {Part 1}

When I heard that there would be a retreat in Colorado for Bloggers + Friends all about fitness, food and fun, I called my friend Lindsey and told her we just had to go!! Blend was honestly one of the best blogger retreats I have been to thus far. I can’t wait to go back in 2013!


Let me start with thanking, Janetha, Katie, and Lindsay for doing an awesome job of putting the Blend Retreat together! They couldn’t have picked a better place (unless it was in So Cal) than Boulder, CO. I had never been to Boulder so I couldn’t wait to see how beautiful it was and what everyone always raves about it.

Day 1: Check in. Cocktail Hour. and Dinner.

When we pulled up to Chautauqua (the retreat center the conference was held) we were greeted by Janetha, Katie, and Lindsay. I can not thank these girls enough for putting on such an amazing retreat! Each of them are just amazing in person as they are on their blogs. I only hope to be as cool as them when I grow up!!!


We were greeted with a HUGE BAG of SWAG…


I can not believe how many amazing products we got!



as well as these super cute shirts!

IMG 3684


After we got all our goodies we got all dolled up in one of the rooms in the lodge and headed to the cocktail hour. Felt so good to change after traveling all day!! I threw on a fun summer dress I borrowed from my friend Val. She is my new go to travel store. Aren’t these two girls stunning?

{Lindsey on the left (have known her since we were 12 and who’s 16 weeks pregnant) and Brittany my new life long blogger friend!}

While we chatted I enjoyed a glass of the house Cab.


Lots of chatting took place… (I spy Katie)


Bloggers instantly connect!


Then it was on to dinner.


I started with a house salad.


Our main course was a delicious chicken dish with grilled onions, quinoa and broccoli. The perfect size to leave me hungry for dessert.


Remember I am not a big cup cake fan, but you give me a mini cupcake and I just can’t say NO!



I tried a little of each of them. Wish I could tell you what they all were,  but I can tell you that my favorite was the CARROT CAKE cupcake!


After dessert we headed back to Lindsey’s house and called it a night. We had an early bootcamp, hike, yoga and much more for day two!! As I laid in bed, I still couldn’t  believe how much swag we got!!


Stay tuned for day 2!!

**On another note I am back home now and am well rested and I am already planning my next trip back to Colorado!!! I have decided to go to the Fitness and Health Conference June 22-24th!!! Who else is going???


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