BodyPop Fitness Attire Launch Party {Review}

Last night, this Stay-at-Home Mama got to play dress up!


I was invited by my beautiful friend, Monica, to attend Cassey’s BodyPop Fitness Attire Launch Party at the YouTube Space LA office!



If you have never read or watched any of Cassey’s YouTube videos, you should! She has such a sweet soul and it truly beautiful person inside and out.


Monica and I took full advantage of the fun photobooth! We are kind of professionals.


Quest was one of the main sponsors of the event and we had the opportunity to try some of their #cheatclean desserts. I liked the cheesecake one the best!


We also enjoyed dinner by Lemonade and drinks by Hint water.


Cassie chatted a bit about her passion and dreams for this project and man did it get me fired up! I want her to come to one of our Refresh Summits… she has HEART!


We finished the evening watching the BodyPop promotional music video and now I secretly (or not so secretly) want to train to be a FREE RUNNER!


BodyPop launches today!!!! Such cute workout clothes that I hope to get some soon.

Question: Have you ever heard of FREE RUNNNERS?


4 responses to “BodyPop Fitness Attire Launch Party {Review}”

  1. I’m totally comment whoring right now… But I just saw this video for Cassey’s new line today and it is awesome! And I had no idea that Briony was an Asian pop star before yoga? I learn something new everyday. The line looks super cute and what a fun event!

  2. That’s fantastic that you got to go! And that picture of you in the beginning is gorgeous!

  3. Always need more cute workout clothes! Cool about BodyPop.

  4. Girl…my kiddos LOVE watching it! (Free Running, I mean). And, yes, get her out to a Refresh Summit, please! I can’t wait for November!