Boston Marathon 2014 {Recap}

I can’t believe it has been 2 weeks since the Boston Marathon! Where does time go?! THANK YOU ALL for all the encouragement and for the birthday wishes!


Shall we start the recap back at the night before the race? All kinds of emotions were going on in my head. The first was the feeling that this marathon was going to a lot different than any marathon I had ever run, including the first time I did Boston. You could feel the city’s emotion and tension as you walked around town in anticipation of  “RUN BOSTON STRONG”! I didn’t feel as many sad emotions as much as I felt ready to run for the honor and for the memory of those affected by the 2013 Boston marathon tragedy.


The best thing about the Boston Marathon is that it doesn’t start until 10:30am so I didn’t have a crazy 4am wake up call. I stayed downtown with a friend, babyless, so that I could try and get the best rest possible. I got a solid 7 hours of sleep, threw all my gear on, and even decided to wear my official race shirt (which is usually a big NO NO for a race). But, I really wanted to sport my blue and yellow!


My friend Janet and I headed to the Boston Commons around 8am and got on the bus for the long hour ride to the Athlete’s Village-AKA the start line!


It was WAY MORE crowded than in 2009!!! There was barely an open spot to sit down and stretch.




There were bagels, coffee, PowerBars, and some other fun goodies to enjoy before the start of the race. While we waited I applied my temporary tattoo, which may or may not still be on my leg. Winking smile


I strolled to the start line. No rush, right? I mean my time didn’t start until I crossed the start line. As I was walking I noticed how much it had warmed up and I quickly had to take my long sleeved shirt off and tie it around my waist. I couldn’t believe how warm it was!



I sported some Refresh Attire and my new Boston necklace that Hubby got me for my birthday!


Before I knew it I was crossing the start line and running my second BOSTON MARATHON!

Miles 1-5

The last time I ran Boston I had a very hard race. By the time I hit mile 17 I was struggling. So for this race, I truly wanted to feel strong until the end. Maybe not fast, but healthy and fit, soaking up everything the race had to offer. I didn’t want to go out to fast (I went out way to fast last time) so I made sure to pay attention to my pace and stay between 8:30 and 9:00. I remember someone once asked me, “Why do you run marathons so fast? Why not just slow down and enjoy the entire race?” So I DID!



Miles 6-10

These were some of the most fun miles! I loved loved loved all the spectators’ signs and cheers, but I do have to say that I did run with music and it was a huge help! I ran with one earphone in and one out so I could hear everyone scream.


I loved the spirit of this marathon, random people running up to you giving you high fives, handing you oranges, popsicles (I had two), and filling me with such JOY!


‘The Boston marathon is actually a really pretty race. The trees are really beautiful and I loved seeing all the historic homes.



Miles 10-15

My half marathon time was 1:52:22 . Last time  it was WAY FASTER and way too FAST! I was so happy that I was listening to my body. During my training, I did experience some planters fasciitis and had to get new shoes. At this point in the race it started to act up a little because of all the down hill, but it wasn’t so bad that I felt like it was slowing me down. I recognized the pain and moved on from there. People always talk about the hills of Boston, but honestly the mix of both really is what makes runners sore the next day!

Miles 15-20 THE HILLS!!!!

This time I was ready for HEARTBREAK HILL! Last time I ran I didn’t realize that it wasn’t just one hill (my bad for not looking at the course).




Honestly I was really proud of myself for maintaining my speed and drive up those hills, no bad thoughts just smiles, and I didn’t walk once! I encouraged those around me and then turned up the music and dug deep! The hardest thing about these hills is the placement. It’s not that they are super steep (well they are) but more than anything they are tough because they start where most people hit their walls!!!


Miles 20-24



This was a freeing moment for me. I hadn’t hit a wall. I was feeling really good minus being a little warm from the weather. I was ready to finish. My mantra at this point was “Finish with your head high and your heart out!” I think this sign about a random stranger may have made me laugh all along the way!!!! I mean that’s what the Boston Marathon is all about: cheering on complete strangers and being a part of the experience!



Gotta love Santa at the top of the last HILL!





This was it. I was about to finish my second Boston Marathon and I seriously had to hold back the tears at mile 23! I started getting super emotional as this may be my last Boston Marathon and my last marathon for awhile. I had sacraficed many hours of training, pushing a stroller, afternoon runs in the 90 degree heat, running on 4 hours of sleep for this moment!!! But then I knew that I couldn’t wait to one day tell my daughter about this race and how she could do it one day if she wanted because it’s not about talent or being born a fast runner…but it is about discipline and determination! I knew that I would finish well and finish STRONG…BOSTON STRONG!





Official Boston Time: 3:51:45



What an incredible experience and I just couldn’t wait to celebrate the rest of the week with my family! Our New England vacation post is coming soon!


P.S.Here is my awesome playlist that I put together with the help of all my IG friends!!!!





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  1. Way to go girl!!! I am also very excited about the fact you posted your playlist! I have been needing some new workout songs!

  2. Awesome job! Thanks for giving a great recap!

  3. This had me tearing up too!!

  4. Amazing job!!! was looking forward to this post 🙂 I bet it is the best to have those two waiting for you at the finish line!

  5. Congrats!!! I hope to one day get fast enough to qualify for Boston! I’m getting ready to run my second Chicago Marathon this fall. I can’t wait!

  6. congrats to you! Sounds like an amazing time.

  7. Amazing!! I’m so bummed we couldn’t meet up this year, but I am holding high hopes we’ll get our chance soon. 🙂
    Great job lady. You continue to inspire me every day!