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Thank you for sharing this, Bobbie, and linking to Caroline’s site. When I first started reading I thought, “No way!” but now I’m inspired! I think finding the balance between work clothes and casual will be my toughest challenge. I am opposite of you: I recently changed jobs and am now required to dress up a lot more often. I’m a jeans and T kind of girl so having a solid work wardrobe has been a challenge.

I have a problem with the per season guideline. I wear 90% of my clothes year round, so I guess I should focus on just eliminating what I don’t love.

Wow, I love this idea too. I’m already a bit of a minimalist when it comes to clothing, mostly because I’m awful at defining my style, so I stick to what I’m comfortable in/clothes I like, which isn’t much. 😀

I feel like my wardrobe is un-intentionally capsule-ish just due to changing sizes and I feel like my clothes just wear out quickly (holes, stains, etc.). I went through and did a capsule (with 37 pieces) this spring, but never really transitioned properly to summer. Like you, I’m less about rules and more about less. 🙂

I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe! I’ve realized that I wear the same 10 or so things over and over anyway, so this makes a lot of sense. I have a hard time getting rid of some perfectly fine dressier clothes that fit, just because I don’t wear them as often. I always think it’ll be a lot of money to replace down the road if I need it!

So, it’s per season? What do you do with your other clothes. Do you store them or just push them back in your closet? My closet needs a makeover something fierce!!

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