Crazy Sexy Challenge Kick Off

So today begins the start to an amazing journey of eating more veggies, igniting my spark, and living like I mean it!!!


I am super excited to begin this 21 day adventure cleanse. I know it won’t be easy and there will be a lot of time prepping and planning involved, but I am up for the challenge.

In the next 21 days I will tune up my body, mind and soul. I will not obsess over every little bite! My overall goal is to see how my body feels inside and out after taking some things away that might be effecting my digestion.

Some concerns for me are making sure I get in my B12 and Vitamin D. Thank goodness I am pretty much covered with my Shakeology!!!! I am also adding a digestive enzyme to help digest foods better and a probiotic to help balance my intestines (more on which ones I am taking soon).

What I will be eliminating:

1. Dairy
2. Gluten
3. Coffee
4. Animal Products
5. Crack aka “sugar” except natural sugar from fruits and agave nectar.
6. Alcohol

What I will be adding:

1. Juice Cocktails!
2. Lots of fun new recipes
3. Dry Brushing
4. Green and White teas
5. Lemon water with Cayenne Pepper every morning
6. Gluten Free Bread
7. 20 chews per bite
8. Yoga daily even if it’s 10 minutes

Will I do this forever? Who knows?! Am I worried about not eating enough calories, not in the least! (more about that in another post). Will I be posting recipes? Heck yes!

I think I am most excited about this challenge, because I have all of you to share it with! I needed something new and exciting to talk about on the blog and break out of the rut I have been stuck in!!!

So here we go on to day 1!! Full post to come tonight about what I ate. I will be posting every night with my eats from the day.

Time to enjoy my Sunday off 🙂


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