Dad’s Birthday Dinner Recap!

Morning friends!!

Last night’s Birthday dinner for DAD was a big hit! The food and company were the best part.

The Decor

Picture 031

Picture 030

Picture 039

The Menu


Thanksgiving Green Salad
This is a refreshing and delicious side dish
That includes raspberries
Mixed greens, dried cranberries
Oranges and spiced nuts
This salad is highly recommended this
Time of year for its wide variety of assorted flavors.

Main Dish
Slow-Cook Pulled Pork
This is tonight’s special for its rich flavor
It is home made by your famous chef, Bobbi M.

Side Dish
Home made baked macaroni salad
This has been requested by the guest of
Honor tonight and it is sure to be a treat to all.

Assorted Secrets

The big finish for tonight’s meal is
A delicious, mouth watering, crowd pleasing
Strawberry Ice Cream Cake!

Picture 041

Picture 036

Picture 037

The Family!

Picture 047

Picture 050

My Plate

Picture 056

Dad loved every bite!!

Picture 060

My Silly Brother and his GF.

Picture 061

My other two silly brothers!

Picture 063

My wonderful Grandparents!

Picture 058

Cake time, my Dad requested Strawberry and Vanilla Ice-Cream Cake!

Picture 064

Picture 068

Picture 069

I had some ice-cream, mmmm!

Picture 070

Dad opened presents.

Picture 071

Then the competitive Trujillo boys challenged Dad in an arm wrestling contest.

Picture 073

My brother Chris, beat my DAD for the first time EVER!

Picture 085

The brothers turn

Picture 090

The new brothers turn (he won, GO HUBBY)

Picture 093

I am only allowed to go after my youngest brother, Robert Aaron… ya, I got my butt kicked by a 16 year old!

Picture 086

My brother’s GF is STRONG!!!

Picture 096

Picture time!

Picture 104

Family Portraits!

Picture 106

Picture 107

Love this one!

Picture 110

The boys

Picture 122

The siblings (minus one brother who couldn’t make it)

Picture 123

Bosco wanted to be in a picture too!

Picture 118

It was such a wonderful time with the family, I love them all so much!


This morning I woke up late, but I still went for a 3 mile easy, 30 minute run. It’s my last run before my marathon and my legs felt great, but my mind was still in a funk!! Can I run 26.2 miles on Sunday? YES, but for some reason I am getting hecka nervous!

When I got back home after my run, I have been watching my DVR’D TBL and now I am getting pumped and all fired up! I know that if these contestants could be running a MARATHON then so can I!

I am also enjoying a big bowl of Chocolate Pecan Apple Butter OATS!

Picture 128


Picture 127

I am going in late to work today, because I have a conference to check people in at. I love that I get Friday mornings to catch up!

Friday Morning to do list:

  • pack for the weekend
  • blog Marathon recap
  • catch up on emails
  • pack lunch



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