Ok so I am super stoked about starting over tomorrow! I will set the alarm for 5:30 to get out the door by 6am, and just to play it safe why not make it 5:15!

I must go running tomorrow, I miss is already! I haven’t ran sense Turkey DAY!!! I have done three days of cardio, but that’s not the same….man o man I can’t wait till the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge once I get the competition going then I KNOW I will kick my butt into gear. If you’re feeling like you need a little extra boost to keep you motivated over the holidays, check out RuntoFinish’s Booty Buster Challenge! I am so in!!!!

Tonight I babysat for a 18month year old and a 7 year old, these two girls were amazing! It was also some nice extra money for shopping! I ate at there house and because of there limited healthful food I ended up eating, two rice cakes with Pb, 2 pieces of string cheese and some strawberry’s…a very interesting dinner!

It’s getting COLD out here in Cali I think the low was like 48…I know I know, I am lucky but for this thin skinned girl that is cold. I am kind of excited about the thought of the cold weather it helps get me in the spirit of the holiday. Sorry for the lack of pics, I had some boring food today but not bad choices, so that’s good. I will be back to my normal pics and super dinners tomorrow.

Well I did something new today!


December 1: I took a scenic route to work, it was beautiful and neat to see new things!
December 2: Crawled into a tiny princess tent full of stuffed animals, it was cozy and made me want to be 7 again!!! lol..I never had a pink tent when I was 7 shoot or 8 or 9 …..!

Well peeps have a great night, tomorrow morning I am hitting the pavement and living to tell about it! O and today being make a difference Monday I lended an ear to a complete stranger and I think she really needed it!


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