I got the chance to visit my first ever Natural Products Expo West (#ExpoWest) this past weekend! Let me be honest I was a bit overwhelmed and ecstatic all at the same time. There were a lot of brands that I was pretty familiar with, but also a lot of new ones that I had never heard of before or that were just launching at the Expo! If you want to read a great post about the things that were trending at the Expo, check out my girl Melissa’s post!


I think the things that I loved most about the Expo was the “newbie” floor. This was the area for folks that were exhibiting for the very first time. There were so many stories to be told and dreams to be shared! I loved how some of them starting baking in their very own kitchens. Then, before they knew it not only family and friends were enjoying their products but neighbors and friends of friends! They never dreamed that they would see their products on a shelf of  Whole Foods. One of the things that I love best about being a blogger is networking with so many different brands and connecting with some pretty talented people. I could list them all of for ya, but honestly I am pretty sure that it would take up several pages!!!



Not only did I walk about 5 miles all over the Expo, I did my first 18 mile run for my Boston Marathon training Saturday morning! It actually was my best long run in a long time! I think starting at 5am and the weather being absolutely perfect really helped. I had two Gu’s one at mile 8 and another at mile 12. I really enjoyed every minute of the run. (That has not happened in a while.)


Oh and guess who turned 6 months this weekend? CRAZY right?!


I also decided to do 40 days of yoga for Lent this year. Instead of giving something up, I decided to add something. I decided to use this time of Lent as refreshment for my soul. Speaking of Refreshment, you still have time to sign up for the Refresh Summit!


I managed to get dressed this weekend Winking smile


I had to wear my polka dots so I could match this cutie pie. She pulls them off a lot better than I do!


We tried the Flame Broiler for the first time this weekend, it was a lot like Waba Grill. I liked that the meat tasted fresh and that you could order extra veggies or BROWN rice!


To celebrate the warm weekend we drove out to Pinkberry! Seriously, it’s my all time favorite treat. I know not everyone is a fan, but for some reason when I crave something sweet Pinkberry always hits the spot!


For Hubby, a Reese’s the size of RJ hits his sweet tooth.


So I said what the heck it’s your birthday month, go for it!


We walked around the mall a bit and then headed to the park!


We took our shoes off, soaked up the sun and had some appetizers.


Then, we captured some pretty sweet moments of this beauty.



I mean really, could this little girl be any cuter?! I think not!


We were pleasantly surprised to get a spontaneous date night! Once a week and going strong.


So we capped off the weekend with some of Darby’s beef sliders and a glass of wine!


Such a fun and beautiful weekend! So thankful for the perfect weather and some memories made while soaking up my favorites.

Question: Did this post make you hungry or what?!


9 responses to “Expo West + {Weekend Wrap-Up}”

  1. I had some friends go to Darby’s the other day. I wanted to join, but already had plans. We should go soon!

  2. What an amazing weekend! I adore KIND bars and am so jealous there was an entire stand with their products! I’ve ordered several boxes to bring back to Barbados from the states early April, but it seems so far away! The necklace you’re wearing with your polka dot dress is gorgeous, where did you get it from (if you don’t mind me asking)? And your little girl is precious. Hope you have another amazing weekend coming up.

    1. of course not! From Target:) Last year!

  3. I love that your adorable little girl has a Cardinal stroller!!

  4. Thanks for including my link. I look forward to hearing about your favorites from ExpoWest.

    Goodness, RJ is getting so big and she’s adorable! March is my husband’s birthday month too!

  5. Loved this post! The picture of Rylee with the Reese’s is adorable!!!

  6. THAT. BABY. IS. SO. CUTE!!!!!

    that is all. 🙂

  7. Wow this looks like an awesome expo! Love the pictures of RJ she is so precious! 🙂 I love the idea of adding something instead of giving something up for lent!

  8. I love the Natural Product Expos! I’ve been a part of the East coast one for the past few years and absolutely love it every time!

    What a wonderful weekend! 🙂