Facing My Fitness Fear: Update! {Propel}

I did it!!!!!!!!

Remember my Propel Fit May Challenge – Face My FITNESS FEAR post? You know the one about my goal of doing an unassisted pull-up?!!! Well guess what? I did it! Not just one, but I can now do two and my new goal is to do THREE!

Watch this video 🙂

Do how did I do it? Well, I have been following this chart….


… And doing a lot more strength training! But honestly, I think the thing that helped me most was doing a couple everyday, no matter where I was at!


Being consistent was key! I can already see some major muscle definition from doing more pull-ups, push-ups and rows!


Oh and did I mention I donated 15 inches of my hair??!!! I know… CRAZY 😁


Question: Did you “Face A Fitness Challenge” this month?

Thanks Propel for helping me FACE one of my biggest fitness fears!!!!!



4 responses to “Facing My Fitness Fear: Update! {Propel}”

  1. Hayley Avatar

    For the dead hangs, do you hang until you can’t hold on any longer? Or how long do you hold it? It doesn’t say on the description of the exercises. I just want to make sure that I am doing it properly.

    Thank you!

  2. LOVE your new haircut!! So cute! And congrats on the pull ups!! My upper body strength is my weakness for sure – even push ups are a struggle for me but I want to keep pushing myself and get stronger each day!

  3. Great job! My goal is to be able to do pull-ups too, I will definitely be using that chart. Where did you get those pink shorts?? LOVE them! Also, when will the shop be open again to buy tops. I want the white with pink one….too cute!!

  4. i love your hair so much and i am so proud of you lovie