Fitness and Healthy Blogger Conference Day 1

Hey Friends!

We have landed. Let me tell you a bit about our first day… you ready?!


I was blessed to have Christine on my flight to make it go by fast. As soon as we landed we met up with Goodness Knows for a beautiful hike. They are a new snack that is doing a test market out here in CO. They are super tasty, 150 calories and they are made with REAL food ingredients.


The hike that we went on was as beautiful as ever!!! Everyone should move here.


We all took off for a four mile hot and sweaty glorious hike up Iron Flats. Along the way I got to meet Kasey from Power Cakes one of my BFF’s on Instagram.


More beautiful scenic pictures…




These awesome hiking shoes worked out so well! I got these at Sports Authority for $25! I highly recommend.


After the wonderful hike Goodness Knows provided us with a healthy vegetarian sandwiches, sprouts and all!!!


After the hike we went down the hill for a peaceful and much-needed yoga session.


The best view for a yoga studio.


All the hiking and yoga made me sooooooo hungry!!! We went to our hotel, showered up and headed down to the lobby for drinks and dinner.

I went with a Fat Tire a local favorite.


…and some Vegan Pizza from the Organic Pizza in Denver.


Side note–> You would all (well mostly my hubby) be proud that I wore my new glasses.


The roomies. Sweet Lena is letting us stay with her for the weekend.


After the not so filling pizza, we all decided to go to uptown Denver an visited the Tavern.


We enjoyed some laughter and appetizers, but quickly started fading from the long day. We called it a night early and went back to Lena’s to get ready for day 2!!!

More to come… I may never move back to Cali!!!