{Five Minute Friday} Change


If you are wondering what this Five Minute Friday things is all about, check it out here. I love Five Minute Friday’s, because I get to write what is on my heart for five uninterrupted minutes, unedited and unfiltered. Setting my timer…lets GO!


She is about to turn ONE! Yes, ONE! Crazy right? I know everyone always says don’t blink, cause it always goes by so fast…well they are beyond right.

This little girl, this amazing miracle walked into our lives almost 12 months ago and our lives were CHANGED forever, Well yes, we would never get to sleep in again, we would sacrifice a lot, but honestly she fits right into our lives that the change was beautiful. It was like she had been with us forever. Her smile, her giggles, her hugs and kisses were always meant to be here, Our family has grown and the change is wild and glorious.

I always use to love change and now that I am older, it’s a littler harder. Being a Mom has been the greatest change of my life. It has taught me to slow down and appreciate the things that really matter. The dishes in the sink, the bed not being made, the floors having dirt on them, those things DO NOT MATTER! What matter’s is the moment’s that are made in our home, the messes mean life is happening! I think the greatest thing about Change, is when you learn how to roll with the punches and laugh when you get knocked down.

Change with grace. Cause without it you will live within your comfort/OCD zone and you will miss out on living!


7 responses to “{Five Minute Friday} Change”

  1. I love this, and she is so beautiful!

  2. I love this and can relate! As I sit here this evening trying to type with my soon-to-be-adopted 2yo clinging on my lap…I am reminded of the great changes I went through this year. Dishes in the sink dont matter, my Netflix queue is overrun with Barney, and I keep a large supply of fruit snacks…and you know what…I wouldn’t CHANGE it for the world!

    Fellow FMF-er

  3. Love this 5 minute post idea! I can’t believe she’s almost one! So crazy how fast time flies 🙂

  4. I had to stop on your link because one of my twins had that same dress at the same age. 😉 I love the Tea Collection brand!
    And life certainly changes when you have kids! I’m still not so great at embracing the mess…

  5. She is too precious!

  6. That sweet face just drew me in! Happy Birthday from a FMF visitor. So glad your are taking time to enjoy her…it goes by so fast!

  7. You are so right and I am glad you get it now before you “blink” and she is gone. Thanks for sharing at FMF