5 Things Friday


Five things I am enjoying right now…

Time to be reminded of the things that made me smile this week. It’s the most wonderful reflection of the little things in life. This weekI went to my first baseball game of the season, took pictures of a very sweet baby,  had dinner with friends, and said goodbye to my cousin.  Now it’s time to take on the weekend and start a brand new week.

{Sweet Kisses: Gotta love the lips!}

{Coconut Water: Gotta love electrolytes!}

{De Cluttering: Said goodbye to my wedding bouquet, feels good to simplify}

{The fanny pack: Brought it back out!!! I know old school right?!}

{Avocado Pizza: A must TRY!}

{The Weather: I love being able to wear my running skirt and tank tops!!!}


Question: What was the “rose” of your week???


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