Friday: Exam’s, Staycations, and Pumpkin Power!

Oh happy Friday!!!! I have my first big exam this morning in Anatomy and Physiology.I wish the rain would go away! I studied hard last night but didn’t kill myself. I ended up missing Thursday night group and AKB, because I really needed to study. I hope to be back to normal after this weekends over. I ended up eating a bowl of cereal for dinner which was a combo of all my favorite , Zoes Cranberry Currents, Natures Path Vanilla Almond, and Kashi Go Lean, and some hemp milk.I also had some Naturally Nutty Butter mixed in, check out the giveaway I posted last night.

My Study Snacks:100 cal pack of TJ’s Chocolate Oatmeal cookies, and a cup of Cinnamon Spice Tea with a little Agave Nectar and Silk Creamer.

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I feel like such a slacker in this month Sexy Six Pack Challenge, I haven’t done my 30 day Shred Video in like a WEEK!!!! I know I planned to do it, but life has gotten in the way. I have on the other hand, been keeping up with my running training and yoga, so that’s good. Then there is kickboxing that I am still doing at least twice a week. I know I do a lot but I know my body needs to keep guessing or else it gets in this sedentary mode and no longer changes.(not that I am trying to lose weight just keep toning up). I was hoping this six pack challenge would make me get my abs/core in better shape, but I think I am going to need more motivation! What else could motivate me?!

This week has completely exhausted me, from friendship dinners to major studying I am pooped! Tonight after work I am studying again for Lab tomorrow morning, we have a quiz on the entire Vertebrate. Then at 11am on Saturday I am going to run 14 miles(let’s hope it doesn’t rain), my long run! I have decided to run the virtual 7 on the 7th race, but not race it. It would not be a smart choice to race on Saturday and then do a long run on Sunday, what was I thinking! Then after all the craziness I am having a dinner party with the Kruizenga’s. Need to go grocery shopping BAD!!! I think I am going to do a blogger inspired week of eats, that sounds fun!

I need to go shopping this weekend for the Valentine’s Blogger Exchange! I will be fedexing it to make sure she get’s it in time. I am excited about valentines weekend because hubby and I are having a STAYCATION!!! What’s a staycation you ask? It’s a vacation at home, kinda. I wanted to go away because I have a 3.5 day weekend, but right now our budget does not call us to travel too much, so I thought, I will make the most of it and do as many fun/ free SO CAL things as we can! I mean who wouldn’t want to be in SO CAL at this time of the year!


Friday: Hot Yoga ( I get out of class early so I can actually make the class)
Going out to a new and fun restaurant around town.
Saturday: We don’t really know what we are going to do for V-Day but we have tossed around the idea of having a fancy dinner with friends. I also want to go on a hike/bike ride in the morning, and maybe even stop at WF in LA!!!!
Sunday: Up to the Mountains we go( I need to check out the area to see what we can do). I really want to go to one of our favorite restaurants too. Maybe I can even convince the hubby to see a movie!!!!
Monday: Off to the beach for some shopping(window) and a picnic lunch. If I am luck we might be able to hit up Lululemon .Of course we will have to check out the local eateries for dinner as well.

Have you ever had a staycation, what would you do in your town?

Ok I have to go to class now and make power oats for the brain!!!! I AM SO NERVIOUSE!!! I leave you with my submission to OSheGlowe’s healthy snack submission: I didn’t win but got a runner up prize!

And now for an Afternoon Powersnack recipe!

“Pumpkin Power”

My creative snack is inspired by a lovely treat I like to have called pumpkin frozen yogurt! But not the most healthy choice, mine is!!!
I call it Pumpkin Power!

best snack ever

1/4 c of Fage or any greek yogurt
1/4 c of Low fat Cottage Cheese
1 tablespoon of Barney’s Butter
1/2 sliced banana on top
handful of Nature’s Path flax Granola
agave nectar drizzled on top!
This snack is filled with PROTEIN, GOOD CARBS, and the POWER to keep you moving!!!! Bosco loves it too! 

*Check out OSheGlows’ Healthy Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Have a Happy Friday, and remember to LAUGH a lot today!!!!


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