Friday Fun: Pinterest

Happy Friday friends!

I am sure many of you know about the wonderful world of Pinterest. If you need any help or are just starting, Janetha has written a wonderful post about all things Pinterest! I try and make sure to only spend an hour a week on there otherwise it seriously can control your life. I love getting inspiration for crafts, recipes, words of wisdom, workouts, photos, and all things style. For me it’s a wonderful way to keep ideas organized without having to print things out. It had helped me use things I already have at home to bring motivation to my life, rather then spend money on things I don’t need.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites right now on my Pintrest boards.

1. This super cute burlap Valentines wreath, you all know how much I love burlap! I think I shall make this, this weekend.

2. These chocolate strawberries would be super cute for Valentines days and really easy to make!

3. Chocolate covered banana bites, yes please!

4. I have been sending written notes a lot lately, so I love this idea of making a google map into an envelope.

5. I really want to make this for our laundry room. It looks simple, but not sure how well it would work.

6. This cute sign for the laundry room would be perfect. I am not a big fan of the floral, but I love the idea.

7. I am all about the 20 minute workouts! This one adds in the jump rope, which I love!

8. Dream kitchen. I love the white cupboards, a very near home project.

9. I really want to do this for our guest room. Let’s hope it’s as easy as they make it look.

10. I love everything about this outfit. I have a similar Grey sweater and boots so I am going to give it a try.

If you want to check out any of these pins, head over to my my Pintrest boards.

Question: Do you Pinterest?


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