Weekend Wrap-Up: Full of Adventure

This week has been nothing short of an adventure! Honestly October is my favorite month of the whole year, I always wish I would have been born in October 😉 With the weather getting a bit cooler all my workouts have been wonderfully outside this week.

Tuesday I got in an awesome 5 mile run with my running buddy Val!


I also am getting serious about prepping foods and eating as clean as possible! My new favorite snack right now is mango + melon and one hard boiled egg!

On Wednesday I couldn’t teach kickboxing so I headed out on bike ride with Amy and after we did Peanutbutter Fingers Wedding Arm Workout! I also sported my new Living Proof Fit Gear and it was so comfy and I love the saying 🙂

I am also really falling in love with polka dots and pearls for some reason. I think being a girl is just too much fun!


I can hardly believe it myself, but I got up at 4:30am on Thursday for a 5 mile run wit SUSIE!!!! Making my weekly running total at 25 miles this week 🙂 I am going to try and shoot to do this every Thursday morning, it felt great and I was done before the sun even came up!


Best part of fall HOT OATS with LoveGrown Granola!!!! Oh and be on the look at they have a new product coming out and I will be dropping HINTS like crazy!!!


Although it may only be in the 80’s right now, I am busting out my scarves and boots! I always feel like I have so many more outfit options in the Fall and Winter!


To keep me fueled and lean I have become obsessed with giant sexy grilled chicken salads and sweet potatoes!! I think I had this for lunch everyday this week 😉


To finish off my adventurous week I crushed 25 miles on my bike Friday morning and enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of it!



Because I am such a party animal I stayed up with Amy last night past midnight working on a present for a friends wedding this weekend. I may or may not go into business with these wreaths 😉


P.S. I decided to wear leggings for the rest of my life.


After a full week I decided to take day off from workouts, listening to my body is the best workout ever! I slept in this morning and woke up to a french press full of pumpkin spice goodness!!


Lately I have been cherishing these quiet mornings more than normal. I think being still is something I am finally getting a handle on, well kinda…


Excuse me while I head to work in my PJ’s —–>I WISH!





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